‘Rudra Hanuman’ Portrait Fame Karan Acharya Showcases Yet Another Piece Of Art; Netizens Impressed

Mangaluru based sketch artist Karan Acharya has yet again impressed netizens with his work of art. Previously, Karan had become extremely popular for his rendition of the Rudra Hanuman portrait. This time though, Karan has also showcased his skill of improvisation.

Karan Acharya puts life into naturally occuring clouds

A social media user initially posted a photograph of naturally occurring clouds and requested Karan Acharya to put life into it. Much to the surprise and awe of his followers, Karan converted this picture into a lovely photo of Lord Ganesha. Lauding his creativity in converting a simple occurrence to a piece of beauty, netizens expressed their views in the comment section.


Netizens in love with Karan’s creativity

A few of the users were mightily impressed with the art and appreciated Karan for his efforts. Here are a few tweets in this regard:

A few were so impressed with the picture that they started requesting Karan Acharya for a single photograph of his art. Till now though, Karan is yet to respond to these comments.

One user was quick to notice that Karan’s talent could be utilized for the impending foundation ceremony of Ram Temple. The particular netizen opined that Karan could sketch Lord Ram in the same way as he had done for Hanuman.


Well, Karan is extremely talented, and it is good that he is receiving appreciation for his efforts from all quarters. Hopefully, he comes out with more and more interesting pieces of art in the coming years.