12 Romantic Places in Karnataka You Can Plan Your Next Holidays To

romantic places in karnataka

Well yes, as the wedding seasons and wedding bells are in its way, so to all those who are about to get married/committed who want to mark their beautiful beginning in a special and a unique way. These romantic places in Namma Karnataka will capture some splendid memories in your heart which will never fade away. The place offers cold and snuggly hill stations to make each other warm along with the serene beauty, the unexplored beaches, and the fascinating historical remains to for an adventurous start with your Partner!

For all these experiential moments, we have listed the most romantic itineraries that will take you to the other world. Read on!!


This hill town has mesmerizing pleasing weather throughout the year. The place is filled with trekking trails, viewpoints, coffee plantations and much more. Coorg is heaven for honeymooning couples – not for a long list of activities, but for the calmness and serenity.

Spend some intimate moments with your spouse while you: Trek through the spice plantations. Float in a coracle in Cauvery for some time. Pick your camera to capture the shots of rare birds and interesting flora. Visit Abbi Falls and enjoy the grandeur of the cascading water. If you and your partner love adventure and want your honeymoon to be little thrilling, Coorg has a lot to offer like – Overnight camping amidst coffee plantations, trekking in Tadiandamol and Pushpagiri, and rafting at Barapole.



When it comes to Mysore, the city has its strings with the past, very strong. The magnificent palaces, stunning forts, and ancient remains have a special effect on photographic travelers. Honeymooners mostly visit Brindavan Gardens, musical fountain, a folklore museum, Mysore Palace and other destinations. You can find many interesting resorts to enjoy a pampering vacation. While you are at Mysore, you ought to buy Mysore silk and sandalwood articles.

fun things to do in mysore
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This ruined city stands as a reminder of the past and its glory. What has a ruined city to do with the honeymoon? This city is famous for exploration and photography. This granite remains and temples form a spectacle background for its honeymoon pictures. You can find interesting sculptures and architectural marvels in this region. Apart from these, you can enjoy relaxed strolling through the ruins to enjoy a special moment. Since the place will not be very crowded, you can enjoy time at your own pace.

romantic places in karnataka


This is the coffee capital of Karnataka. A very small hill town located amidst coffee plantation and lush greenery at the foothill of Mullayanagari hill, this destination is for those who love unique natural attractions. The main part of this destination is the lack of commercialization. Thus, you can stay away from the hustles of busy life here. There are a lot of interesting tourist destinations here like the rose garden, toy train, Gandhi Park and much more. You can also find many viewpoints and historic sites here.



Are you someone looking for an adventure time? Kabini is one of the best places to visit in Karnataka. Home to the Kabini national park, this destination holds many natural activities like jungle safari, elephant safari, boating, coracle ride and much more. If you are looking for hard-core adventure activities, visit Nagarhole national park for camping, trekking, hiking, and others. Are you planned a relaxed evening with sightseeing, visit the Kabini dam or enjoy shopping. If you are up for an outdoor adrenaline pumping honeymoon, this destination is the right choice.

There are some utterly romantic resorts in Kabini that take you to an entirely different world. For that ultimate romantic honeymoon; Kabini is a peaceful retreat, not crowded and with ample opportunity to spend time with your beloved in complete composure. Hold hands while you walk along the banks of Kabini River, enjoy the setting sun and go for a relaxing spa together. We hope that it is enough to make your new life bloom with love.

romantic places in karnataka


Yes, it is an important pilgrimage spot in Karnataka. Apart from the row of historic temples and references to mythologies, Gokarna is a mesmerizing beach honeymoon location. The serenity of the place is well preserved and thus, you can enjoy a peaceful honeymoon here. The rocky mountains of Western Ghats on one side and the smooth Arabian sea on the left, this location is famous for its beaches like Om, Kudle, Main, Half moon, Paradise and many others. You can find many water-based activities and resorts here.

Half Moon Beach
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Well, Hampi is a historical place but when explored to its best, it is as romantic as any other places in Karnataka. Wandering in the golden era Hampi is for the couples who love to turn the pages of history books, Hampi would be nothing less than a dream come true. This served as the last capital of Vijayanagara Kingdom, one of India’s most powerful rulers. The ruins have its history dating back to 14th century.

There are about 500 monuments scattered over an area of 25 kilometers, allowing couples to lose themselves in the legends of past. The most exciting part about visiting Hampi is Hampi Utsav, which is held almost every year in the town. Take a boat ride on the Hampi river to reach Anegundi, to see the real laid-back Hampi. Don’t miss the sunset view admiration from Matanga Hill with your beloved.

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The sweeping vistas of Kudremukh can weave a mesmerizing spell on honeymooners and tourists alike. There are rolling hills, carpeted in a green blanket of evergreen forests, a rich variety of wildlife to be discovered, trekking trails that can take you to the heart of the pristine wilderness, and many more attractions waiting. Do visit: Kudremukh National Park, Hanuman Gundi Falls, Kudremukh Peak, Kalasa, Janta Market, Lakya Dam.



This hill station in Karnataka has abundant natural greenery and picturesque spots. It’s a place having waterfalls, lakes, verdant forests, river streams and a charming atmosphere perfect for a honeymoon. Do visit: Hebbe Falls, Z Point, Rock Garden, Shanti Falls, Rajendra Hill, Mullayanagiri, Kalahatti Falls.

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Bheemeshwari Forest

The Bheemeshawari Forests is one of the honeymoon destinations near Bangalore, located just 100 km away from it and is an ideal spot for the couples who wish to spend time together to reconnect with nature and each other. The river Kaveri runs through the forest. Only a part of the valley is open for visitors, who need prior permission to do so. Enjoy Adventure sports, such as kayaking, rope walking, and rafting. There are also facilities for fishing and camping along the riverside.

romantic places in karnataka


Badami, which was once the regal capital of the Badami Chalukyas is about 480 km from Bangalore, now famous for its rock cut structural temples. It is located in a ravine at the foot of a rugged outcrop that surrounds Agastya Lake. Spend time walking among the ruins of one of the preferred places near Bangalore for a honeymoon. The Archeological Museum of Badami, Agastya lake, and many more historical artifacts, monuments, sculptures, and carvings that adorn the ancient city of Badami.

romantic places in karnataka

And Finally Namma Bengaluru 

Bangalore is a city that suits any traveler with a knack for architectural marvels. You can get around the city, enjoying historic buildings. Although a metropolitan city, Bangalore is filled with interesting gardens like Cubbon Park, Lal Bagh, and others. You can find horticulture show and other interesting events during the tourism season and holidays. Important tourist attractions in Bengaluru are Bangalore palace, museums, summer palace, mahals and much more.

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Excited already? Prepare that extra bag for an extended honeymoon, which, we are sure, you will desire in those places!! If you have been there for your honeymoon, or have you already traveled to one of them with your loved ones? Or if know some more places, then Comment and share your experience with us!