10 Romantic Kannada Movies Which Are Popular For Their Iconic Love Stories

romantic kannada movies

Indian cinema and love stories are synonymous in a way that no movie here is made without having a love element in it. Even an out and out thriller movie has a love story attached and so goes with other genres. However, there are movies made out of pure love subjects telling the most romantic love stories on screen. Kannada film industry not being an exception to this, here are our favorite romantic Kannada movies and their iconic love stories.

Nanna Ninna Mareyalare

Starring Dr. Rajkumar and Lakshmi in an epic love story, Naa Ninna Mareyalare is one of Kannada’s super-hit movies. It has a story where the status quo becomes a barrier and the girl gets married to another person. Disappointed hero spending his days in grief meets his girl in an uncanny situation. Later on, the story takes situational turns to finally fix the broken love in the climax.

romantic kannada movies


Being Dr. Vishnuvardhan’s career-best performance, Bandhana is a love story of a Doctor falling in love with his junior. It has Suhasini in the female lead. In this one-sided love story, the hero becomes sick and suhasini’s care for him ignites the flame of doubt in her husband. The movie ends in a heart-wrenching climax where the hero dies in sacrifice.

romantic kannada movies

Nammoora Mandara Hoove

A triangular love story directed by Sunil Kumar Desai has Ramesh Aravind, Shiv Rajkumar and Prema in the lead roles. Set up in Uttara Kannada, this movie takes you on a romantic ride with beautiful songs before an incident breaks up leading to an emotional climax.

Pallavi Anu Pallavi

This is the first feature movie directed by Maniratnam with Anil Kapoor debuting as an actor. It has an off-beat story of a person who already is in love with a beautiful girl falling again in love with a married woman. With taboos attached and confusions following, how a hero gets ready to take on the world is the primary plot of Pallavi Anu Pallavi. Today, the movie is known for its songs and were composed by the Maestro Illayaraja.

Mungaru Male

Being one of the highest grossers of Sandalwood, Mungaru Male was directed by Yogaraj Bhatt with Ganesh and Puja Gandhi in the lead roles. It has a story where Hero sacrifices his love for the sake of family promises. The way this movie is presented getting the right mix of the music, dialogues, and performances makes it iconic.

romantic kannada movies

Amrutha varshini

Amrutha varshini carries a sensual story of three people – a couple and their friend with an unfortunate past which takes a lot of twists to have a tragic end. It has Ramesh Aravind, Suhasini, and Sharath Babu in the lead roles. Even today, this movie’s songs are chartbusters.

romantic kannada movies

Eradu Kanasu

A 1974 movie based on a novel by Vani, Eradu Kanasu stars Dr. Rajkumar, Manjula, and Kalpana in the lead roles. It was a super-hit movie of the early 70s which stands relevant even today. It has a story that revolves around a person who gets married to a girl with an unforgettable love story in the past. Finally, when he comes out of his illusions, his wife meets with an accident. So, in a climax filled with curiosity, Rajkumar’s acting gives a whole new definition to regret and love.

romantic kannada movies

Amruta Dhaare

Directed by Nagatahalli Chandrashekar, Amrutha Dhare tells the story of an urban couple dramatized with humor, music, and emotions. It ends in tragedy where wife dies in cancer and the second-half is all about husband full-filling her last wishes.

romantic kannada movies

Prema Loka

Prema Loka is one of the most popular love stories of Kannada cinema starring Ravichandran and Juhi Chawla in the lead roles. It is a college love story romanticized with a climax breaking the status quo and making love win in the society.

romantic kannada movies

Krishnan love story

A 2010 movie starring Ajay Rao and Radhika Pandit had opened to a good response and ran successfully for 150 days. It has a story where a girl ditches the boy to run with a rich man. The later on twists followed by a devastating climax made this movie a hit among the audience.

romantic kannada movies

Other Favorites: Ramachari, Halu Jenu, Excuse me, Suprabhata, and many more.

So, this is about romantic Kannada movies and their iconic love stories. We know that we have missed many. Do let us know your favorite ones in the comments below.

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