Rohit Sharma’s Look Alike Spotted In Pakistan, Sparks Hilarious Memes

Currently when the second leg of IPL 2021 is ongoing, the atmosphere for cricket fans is at its peak and recently the Pakistan cricket board had to face criticism from other boards concerning the security issues for other countries to tour and were trolled immensely for this. News regarding the security issues has not only challenged the PCB but also the legitimacy of Pakistan over controlling the prevailing terrorism in their country. Amid these controversies a fun moment was created between the India-Pak fans when a twitter user spotted a lookalike of India’s star batsman Rohit Sharma on the Pakistani street.

Rohit Sharma’s Doppelganger Spotted In Pakistan

It is said that there are 7 lookalikes of a single person and this guy on the streets of Pakistan proves it to be true. A Pakistani fan saw the Rohit Sharma look alike and cheekily Tweeted, “Who said Pakistan is not safe for visiting international cricketers?” Shiraz Hassan tweeted. “Just saw star Indian player Rohit Sharma, enjoying a glass of Aalu Bukhara (plum) sharbat at Rawalpindi’s saddar.” As soon as this post of the Indian vice captain was out, fans from both sides shared their trolls for this funny tweet.


Fans Left In Splits

As far as the star is concerned, Rohit Sharma is featuring in the IPL as the captain of Mumbai Indians. His record in the current season is not a dazzling one, however there is no doubt on his skills and his service for the country. The hitman shall always remains as the warrior in blue.