Rocking Star Yash Hits Back At Rajdeep Sardesai Over Kantara Like A Boss

It was all about Rocking Star Yash at the Indian Today Conclave Mumbai 2022. The Kannada actor was the star magnet as he had an elongate chat with Rajdeep Sardesai from India Today. Yash is a straightforward character and is also a man who is passionate about Kannada and Karnataka. So, there was a beat when Rajdeep tried to activate a controversy and Yash, as usual, responded in his trademark ‘Rocky Bhai’ style.

Kantara is also my film

While talking about Kannada Cinema, Rajdeep mentioned that Kantara is doing well across India. In the conversation, for the benefit of the audience who might not know a lot about Kantara, Rajdeep said that Kantara was not Yash’s film.


However, the Rocking Star said that Kantara was also his film. This was a brilliant comment considering he is a popular star from the industry and he was treating Kantara also as his own film. Both KGF and Kantara were produced by Hombale Films.

Having released in the end of September, Kantara first found a release in Kannada. However, after the massive success, the movie was dubbed and released in other languages. As expected, Kantara was received well across all the languages. Kantara has broken many records across the country and is still doing well at the box office.

Yash avoids the ‘Belgaum’ debate

It is well known that Karnataka and Maharashtra still have a few conflicts about Belgaum. The city, though, firmly belongs to Karnataka. However, Rajdeep Sardesai commented that as a Maharashtrian, he had an opinion about the conflict. Of course, it was said in a lighter tone.
Yash was quick to douse the fire. He first made the statement “We will keep politics away” and then trolled Rajdeep by saying “We are asking another country also”. Considering Rajdeep’s ideology, it was an epic troll by Yash on him.