Rock Bands Touring Europe In 2020

source: musicoomph

When you love music, you might go to the ends of the earth to attend concerts given by your favorite bands. There are a few bands listed below that will be touring Europe in 2020, and there are a few travel tips that will help you during your journey. Each of these tips will help you have the best time. Plus, you can see a variety of bands as you travel to Europe in 2020.

Who Is Playing Europe In 2020?

Santana, Whitesnake, and System of a Down are all touring Europe in 2020. Queen with Adam Lambert, Pearl Jam, The Who, and Rammstein have shown in Europe in 2020, and Foreigner, Aerosmith, Evanescence, Ozzy Osborne, and Slipknot will be playing different parts of Europe during the year. You cannot see all these shows during 2020, but you can plan to see as many as possible.


How Do You Make Travel Plans?

You must make your travel plans based on which band you want to see the most. If you decide to follow The Who, you need tickets for each show, and you should convert some currency so you have money to spend. When you make travel plans, you should choose an airline that you enjoy flying, and you must pick the airport that is closest to each concert site.

The Who will be playing Manchester, Dublin, Glasgow, and Newcastle. You can plan your trip based on these locations, and you can choose airlines, hotels, and rental car agencies in each city to make your trip as convenient as possible.

How Do You Handle Travel Emergencies?

You could get travel insurance for your trip that will pay for missed concerts, bad experiences, and poor hotel accommodations. Plus, travel insurance will pay for missed flights and connections. However, travelers deserve compensation for flight cancellations when they are traveling across Europe. Airlines must compensate you for a flight that was canceled or delayed due to the airport’s or airline’s actions.


You can contact the airline on your own, or you could ask a third-party company to help you get compensation. Third-party companies will complete the paperwork for you, and they will collect your information so that they can gain compensation for your flights.

Bring Petty Cash For Band Merchandise

When you converted the money for your trip, you also need to bring cash for The Who merchandise. You can plan for a few taxi rides in places like Manchester or Dublin, but you need money for band merchandise that is sold at the show. The bands often take cash because it is difficult to bring a credit card processing unit to each show. Plus, you can quickly buy the merchandise when you exchange cash for each sale.

One More Thing About Traveling To Europe For Band Concerts In 2020

When you are traveling to Europe in 2020 to see The Who or another favorite band, you must bring items that can be autographed by the band. When you get to meet the band, you need a pen, items they can autograph, and your phone for pictures. Make certain that you charge your phone before the concert. Travel with friends so that all of you have pens, phones, and merchandise to autograph. The group will have a good time on the trip, and you can see every band you love from Queen to The Who and System of a Down.