‘Roads in Jamtara will be smoother than Kangana Ranaut’s cheeks’: Congress MLA Dr. Irfan Ansari’s sexist comments

Congress MLA from Jharkhand, Dr. Irfan Ansari has made it to the headlines with his controversial or sexist remarks against popular actress Kangana Ranaut.

He said in the video that was posted on Twitter that the roads in his assembly constituency Jamtara will be “smoother than the cheeks of the film actress Kangana Ranaut”.


On his promise of fourteen world-class roads in the assembly constituency “I assure you that roads of Jamtara “will be smoother than cheeks of film actress Kangana Ranaut”; construction of fourteen world-class roads will begin soon.”
He further added that these roads can be used to tread by both Adivasi children, youth, and even the business class people.

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His proposal for the roads has been approved by the Govt and the comment was made in this context and particular reference was given to the fact that Adivasi population area will be developed with the same.


The Congress MLA has also made it to the headlines previously for his remarks on the PM Security breach incident that took place in Punjab where he said that the PM should go to Pakistan if he feels scared in India.

RJD leader from Bihar Lalu Prasad Yadav who compared the roads in Bihar with actress Hema Malini’s cheeks sparked massive outrage. He had claimed that he would develop roads as ‘beautiful as cheeks of Hema Malini’ in the state.