Rising Population Of Donkeys In Pakistan, A Ray Of Hope For Their Economy

Pakistan donkey
Courtesy: Mynation.com

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, is currently breathing a sigh of relief after seeing a rise in the population of Donkeys in Lahore. As Pakistan continues to struggle with rising Coronavirus numbers, a Pakistani news channel was seen boasting about the rise in its donkey population in Lahore.

People in Pakistan continue to struggle with rising Coronavirus numbers which have gone beyond 1 lakh recently, as well as its perennial debt crisis. The country’s media has some good news to reflect on, as the population of donkeys in Lahore is showing resurgence.


pakistan donkey

According to a news channel, the donkey population in Pakistan is known to be the third-largest across the world. The government uses the animal for the trading purpose which gives them foreign revenue.

A tremendous growth at this time of suffering has surely brought some hope in the hearts of Pakistanis, as they are willing to trade the donkeys to China to earn millions.

The export of Donkeys has been a big business between China and Pakistan, and when the world is suffering from COVID 19, Pakistani’s see a big ray of hope to earn millions by trading Donkeys.