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‘Annappa Panjurli’s love for Rishab Shetty’; Hombale Films shares the ‘Heartwarming’ meetup

Kantara fame Rishab Shetty is all set to stir out a sequel to his blockbuster hit. But before that, he had sought divine permission to take up the Kantara sequel. Hombale films have dropped a new video where he is seen meeting with the deity.

Rishab meets Daiva

Fans of Rishab Shetty are celebrating the fact that the actor-director-writer is now preparing for Kantara’s sequel/prequel. Though there has been no official statement from Shetty about his plans, but his recent visit to the Dakshina Kannada temple and seeking permission from Panjurli Daiva confirms all the speculations.


Director Rishab Shetty and his team participated in the ‘Nemotsava’ of Annappa Panjurli (a local deity) in Mangaluru on December 8. ‘Nemotsava,’ or ‘Kola,’ is a religious festival being held to appease the deities.

“During the Nemotsava, Rishab and the team asked the Panjurli Daiva (the deity) about the plans for Kantara 2. The deity asked to place ‘Hingara,’ (areca nut flowers) inside the sanctum sanctorum. As the count of the flowers was in favor of the team, the deity asked the team to go ahead with their plan,” a person who attended the Nemotsava said. Source Deccan Chronicle.

The deity also assured support in Rishab’s effort and asked him to tread every step carefully.


Exclusive footage

It has been a month since Rishab met the Daiva, Hombale films have now shared the exclusive footage from the Nemotsava event held in Mangaluru. Here’s the video: