Rise In Number Of Solo Woman Travelers; Bengaluru Girls Are Way Ahead Of Others

rise in solo woman travelers

A passion for traveling and trying out adventurous sports is on the rise in metro cities and major urban areas of the country. Although women in the Indian cosmopolitan cities are quite independent, career-oriented the number of girls opting for solo traveling has been quite less as compared to men. 

Traveling When Possible Is Picking Up Among Women

If you are a working woman who wants to travel when possible then there is nothing surprising about it anymore. Reports indicate that there has been a considerable hike in the number of solo woman travelers in India. 


A study report put forth by the hostel group Zostel reveals that Karnataka leads when it comes to women traveling single with 17.7% bookings coming from the state. Bengaluru tops the city with 16% bookings coming from solo women travelers.

As compared to 2015, there has been a massive escalation of 322% in the number of solo women travelers. The most popular destinations preferred by solo women travelers include Panchgani, Chikmagalur, Rishikesh, Pushkar, and more.

Maximum Bookings From Bengaluru And Delhi

The maximum bookings received by Zostel are from Bengaluru followed by Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, and Chennai in the same sequence. The study shows that average women preferring to travel solo are between 18 to 30 years with the trend showing an increase in single traveling in all-women groups as well.


Even earlier women were used to backpacking and traveling, but safety issues, lack of facilities as well as budget problems held them back from traveling single. With more women becoming financially independent and the availability of adequate hotels and facilities on the highways and other areas, women are ready to explore their surroundings. 

Safe modes of accommodation and transport have contributed immensely in encouraging women to come out of their shackles and dare to travel alone. Moreover, the rise in the number of travel agencies that arrange everything from to and fro ticket to hotel bookings have made it easier for everyone to just pick their bag and embark on a lone journey.