If this Happens Then You No Longer Have To Work After Hours And Can Ditch Your Boss in Style


Working overtime is a common feature in India. Although the extra work adds to your pay, getting calls or replying to emails post work can get increasingly frustrating. But things appear to be changing for the employees of the private sector.

These employees really are having a tough time disconnecting from work even when their work hours are complete. What makes Right to Disconnect Bill so important?

Connectivity Can Be A Curse For Employees

Undoubtedly digital tools have brought more activeness and freedom to the employees’ world around. But many times these tools can also cause hindrance in the peaceful life of employees. Constant connectivity can introduce excessive interference in the private lives of employees. According to reports, more than 264 million people are living with anxiety disorders the world over. And more often, the reason is extra or overtime work.

right to disconnect bill

The internet and Smartphones have joined all the friends, families and work colleagues on one platform. Hence, everyone is available everywhere. But unknowingly it has led to a high imbalance in the professional as well as the private lives of employees.

To put an end to this interference and disruption, the introduction of the Right to Disconnect Bill can be a big gamechanger.  

Striking Work-Life Balance With Right To Disconnect

The NCP MP Supriya Sule has recently introduced the Right to Disconnect Bill in the Lok Sabha to strike a proper work-life balance. Even though Sule is a private member, it triggered off country-wide debate on the welfare of the private sector employees. Most of the employees work hard for 8 to 9 hours daily.   

The bill considers the stress private sector employees face due to emails and calls post working hours or during holidays. Such interruptions can cause stress-related problems indirectly affecting productivity.

In the case, the bill gets passed it will be a big relief to the private employees as the work environment will be stress-free and relaxed. The Right to Disconnect Bill gives the employees the right to stop working after completing their work.

right to disconnect bill

Employee Welfare Authority Is Analyzing Bill Recommendations

At present, the Employee Welfare Authority is analyzing the impact of working for long hours on employees. After this analysis is complete, they will think of sorting it out on the basis of employee-employer negotiation. The negotiation will take two paths for Private companies and Corporate companies.

For Corporate companies working with a higher number of employees, the rules will be strict for contacting the employees post working hours. However, for companies with 10 or more employees, the Right to Disconnect Bill will suggest periodic revision based on regular employee-employer negotiation.

The bill will recommend the creation of an Employee Welfare Committee which a member of the team will represent. Once the Right to Disconnect Bill gets passed, the work-life balance for the employees in the private sector is expected to become much better.

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