Rhea shares ‘Note of Gratitude’ Written By Sushant For Her & Her Family; Netizens Show Proof That Its Fake

Rhea Note

After the accusation by Sushant’s father, ED had lodged a case against Rhea Chakraborty and also grilled her close to 8 hours in connection with the case. After this, Rhea revealed that a ‘gratitude note’ and sipper were the only two things of Sushant that she still possessed.

Sushant’s letter of ‘gratitude’

Rhea revealed a ‘letter of gratitude’ written by Sushant was the only property of the actor that was in her custody. Explaining the note, she said, Lillu is Showik, Bebu is herself, Sir is my dad and Ma’am is my mom and fudge is his dog. Rhea also said that a black bottle of Sushant was still with her. Here is the note that was revealed by Rhea:


Netizens say that Rhea has faked it again

A few weeks ago, Rhea had posted a video on her social media handles in which she had talked about the death of Sushant. Rhea appeared extremely emotional in that video. However, it had failed to move the netizens, who alleged that Rhea was faking her emotions.

It seems that the latest stint of Rhea is taking the same road. She divulged a note that was ‘supposedly’ written by Sushant himself. However, a few netizens pulled out a few old posts of Sushant and compared the handwriting styles. Obvious differences were found, and hence, they said that Rhea was trying to feign again.

While handwriting experts were drawn into the topic, a few netizens also tried to copy Sushant’s handwriting by looking at a few of his Insta posts. The result was that Sushant’s handwriting was pretty easy to replicate. They claim that Rhea might have used the same tactic.