10 Options Before India To Take Revenge Against Pakistan For Pulwama Attack

The aftermath of the shocking Pulama attack on the Indian soldiers in which more than 40 jawans were killed still refuses to recede. Indians all over the country are demanding justice and actions so that proper revenge against the terrorist supporting neighboring nation Pakistan is devised. A military attack is just one way of doing so.

There are many more options and steps that India can choose to make sure that Pakistan and the terrorists it has sheltered suffer heavily and repent the heinous attack they planned. Here are top 10 options India can take to revenge against Pakistan:


Surgical Strike Like Uri

Surgical strike similar to Uri can be one way of giving the fittest reply to the terrorists. Everyone is talking about surgical strick as it involves limited dramatic action and keeps the stage away from fullscale war. However, it will still fulfill the thirst for the blood of the enemy. Importantly, in the current scenario when the situation is quite sensitive even on the international level, it would be better to take this approach with localized strike and ensure less bloodshed.

Revenge Against Pakistan

2. Scrapping Articles 35A and 370

The scrapping of these two articles will mean that we have accepted Kashmir as the demographic war and eliminated its special status. Both these articles were introduced by the first prime minister of the country Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru from backdoors without involving the Parliament in the decision. It can be one of the ways to settle everyone in the region of Jammu and Kashmir irrespective of their religion. It will also reverse the process of safeguarding the Islamic demographic hegemony and bring Kashmiris into the mainstream of India.

3. Encouraging Migration To Kashmir

At present, around 22 trains take a stop at Srinagar station. Most of these trains go to states like Bihar and UP from where people can migrate for the sake of jobs in a massive way. Encouraging migration to Kashmir can be one way of increasing Indian population there.


Revenge Against Pakistan

4. Give Pakistan A Test Of Its Deeds

Pakistan is sheltering terrorists and encouraging terrorism in the name of Jihan for more than six decades. It is time India destabilizes the country and pays back by nudging and supporting separatists movements in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh, Gilgit-Baltistan, and Baluchistan. India already did so by supporting the formation of Bangladesh in 1971 and can do so yet again and be the reason behind the collapse and few cuts to the map of Pakistan.

5. Controlling River Water

India continues to honor the “Indus Water Treaty” signed in 1960 between the two nations despite continuous hostility from Pakistan. India can control the flow of river water into Pakistan. Undoubtedly, China too has a hold over us and can play a major role in biting behind the back doing the same with us. But diplomatically it will be easier to handle the stand of China as it is also facing the consequences of Jihadis in its Xinjiang province.

Revenge Against Pakistan

6. Crippling Pakistan By Bringing Sanctions

In the past few years, India’s standing at the international front has increased in a huge way and today India has a good relation and influence even among the Middleast Islamic countries. We can use it to pressurize Pakistan by ensuring some sanctions against it making Pakistan more dependent on China. Freezing foreign funds will be another way of hitting the well-fed Pakistani feudal generals the most.


7. Declaring Pakistan A Terror State

There are a few countries in the world that support the idea of declaring Pakistan as a terror state. If our bureaucrats manage to play it well at the international front and in the UNO it could lead to serious consequences and sanctions on Pakistan.

Revenge Against Pakistan

8. Massive Military Actions In Kashmir

Pakistan is using most of its money on military and defense. Interestingly, it is also pumping a huge amount to improve the logistics in the Kashmir valley so that the entire place can be converted into a Jihad lab. A massive crackdown on such labs and making the life of such youth and families supporting terrorists through strict military actions and cutting off money supply can be a huge step.

9. Capturing The Devils

Capturing the devils pumping support and money to terrorism including Hafeez Saeed, Dawood Ibrahim, and Massod Azhar can be one of the ways of giving a jolt to the enemy and even instilling fear in their mind.


Revenge Against Pakistan

10. Last Option- All Out War

It should be avoided as much as possible. At present, India is coming up at the international level, gaining respect and its economy is also doing a lot well. Although a war will take a huge toll on the economy of Pakistan. It will also take back the Indian economy by several years.

Of course, these are just a few options. But the decision will be taken ultimately by the PM Narendra Modi and NSA Ajit Doval who may offer something innovative. (Info source: Quora, MyNews )

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