This Indian Restaurant Serves Sunny Leone Chaap And People Are Going Crazy About It

sunny leone chaap

We’ve seen Bollywood themed restaurants and Harry Potter themed cafes. We’ve also seen cafes paying a tribute to a certain sport, region or cuisine. There are several things that have come as a result of attention from the media – from rumors to publicity and a fair share of high profile scandals. But we’ve never come across any restaurant which would name its dishes after stars like sunny leone chaap. Let’s just call it “performance” art (ahem).

An Example Of Bizzare Marketing

While some might call it disrespectful, there are others who might find it quirky and some who might call it a publicity stunt. Call it what you want, but this restaurant has seen way too many customers after having named its chaaps after two well-known adult entertainment stars – Sunny Leone and Mia Khalifa.


Known for the quirky names on their menu, Veer Ji Malai Chaap Wale have always had amusing names for each of their dishes. From Veg Afghani Chicken to Veg Tandoori leg piece, this menu will leave many amused and many more, scratching their heads. What’s more, their items have also cashed in on Sunny Leone’s Bollywood number – Baby Doll.

sunny leone chaap

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Sunny Leone Chaap to Mia Khalifa

The recent entrants – Sunny Leone Chaap, Mia Khalifa Chaap, and Baby Doll Chaap have brought a lot of attention to this place. While some feel that this is a display of vulgarity, there are others who believe that these names mean only to amuse the customers and to bring new ones. Whatever it might be, you cannot deny that this marketing stunt has surely helped in increasing their publicity. Though there are two sides to this, there is definitely no way that you can get this out of your heads now!


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