Top 5 Resorts Near Delhi that are Gorgeously Exotic

resorts near delhi

Lose yourself to the magic embodied by these gloriously gregarious resorts! We all wish to escape from the hurly-burly spree in the city and visit a place that grants immense relief to our souls. Don’t we? Traveling is a good option but it too won’t be able to provide you with the comfort and relaxation you are seeking. The best way to pamper you is to drive away from the city and get a memorable stay in one of the most sensational resorts in the town! Here we have curated a list of the top 5 resorts in Delhi that come up as the perfect holiday destination for you and your loved ones. For getting amazing discounts, you can make use of the nearbuy coupon code and accelerate the excitement that follows-

Fall in love with the beauty of Botanix Nature Resort

Do you admire beautiful natural calm ambiances like nothing else? Does a fantastic locational view make you feel delighted? If you are in love with nature and its interesting intricacies, nothing can be better than this Botanix Natural Resort for you! It is situated on the foothills of the Aravali hills at Tehsil, Sohna, Gurgaon that is 49 KMs away from Delhi. The heart throbbing view each and every bit of this resort emanates is undeniably breathtaking and picturesque in the most tempting manner.

resorts near delhi

It is the much-needed blend of peace and adventure! There are uncountable ways to get yourself impeccable cherishing moments.This picture perfect place that is known for imparting the real relief to souls. Spend all day embracing the majestic mountain views with the commendable calmness of nature and beauty all around you. All you have to do is to book a stay with your beloveds here and this place is definitely going to hold your heart forever.

Experience Tremendous Treatment at Treehouse Hotel, Club, and Spa

In this hectic daily schedule, the workload has to be our first priority and sometimes we end up feeling extremely exhausted due to that. To calm our senses down, we need to plan a rejuvenating trip for ourselves. A trip that helps us in waving bye to work schedules and saying hello to never-ending relaxation plans. TreeHouse Hotel, Club, and Spa come up as the best location to get some real relaxation as they offer some of the most sorted spa services, recreational activities and poolside arrangements for you that will make you feel pampered like nothing else.

Situated at a distance of 70 KMs from Delhi, the resort outshines to be one of the most fantabulous resorts in Ashiana Village, Internal Road, Bhiwadi. The ways to keep you happy, busy and relaxed here won’t come to an end at all. Get grooving in the charming clubs, spend some time in Spas, feel the fun of tree house ambiance and you are going to relish this visit forever.


Embrace the true royal ambiance at Neemrana Fort Palace

Here comes one of the most ancient and royal resorts nearby Delhi that will compel you to hold your breath high and experience tremendousness all over again. The entire resort imbibes the true royal spirit and each and every bit of it oozes comfort, royalty, and a miraculous charm. From the grand entrance to rooms, from the lush green gardens to the prestigious pools, from luxuriously exotic cuisines to overwhelming fun activities, this place is going to make you feel no less than a true emperor.

resorts near delhi

This resort will always continue to be one of the most sorted locations to get on a weekend trip or plan a vivid stay with your loved ones. Formerly in the 15th Century, it was one of the most renowned hotels of the country and presently it comes up as one of the most admirable resorts situated at the Delhi- Jaipur Highway.

Feel Splendidness at Seasons Tarudhan Valley Golf Resort

This is not just an ordinary resort with some of the basic facilities! It is a world of its own! Tarudhan Valley Golf Resort is renowned for the eminent world-class amenities it offers. It presents the real countryside environment with beautiful orchards, eye-catching views, gorgeously gregarious greenery and a 9 hole Golf Course based on International Standards. All you got to do is get a Villa booked within this pleasing ambiance and you are all set to gift yourself one of the most appreciated visits of your life.


Located at a distance of just 32 KMs from Delhi, near Manesar, this spectacular resorts in-house the most interesting recreational activities and rejuvenating setups for the visitors. It is never going to make you believe the fact that you were just a few KMs away from Delhi; it offers a completely varied atmosphere.

Heal your Heart at Heritage Village

If you are craving for a perfect getaway to spend some time with those who matter, this is the place for you. As soon as you step in, you will find yourself in a world filled with wonder and charm all around. The grand entrance makes you feel no less than an almighty and the adorable aura is going to rule on your heart for sure. Situated at just 45 KMs from Delhi at Manesar, Delhi- Jaipur Highway, it serves as the best location for planning luxurious events.


You can make your weekends wonderful by lazing all day long in the pool or just roaming in the gorgeous garden. You can be a part of lavish buffets arrangements and pamper your taste buds in the most awesome manner. Don’t forget to experience the spectacular spa treatments that will compel you to ask for more and more!

Let there be peace and joy!

Getting on a resort vacation is a lot more than just expecting a comfortable and joyful stay! You get to feel the breeze as you pass by the location, the natural aura serves as the best visual treat, the silence that you encounter makes you feel on the top of the world, the rejuvenation you receive touches the depth of your soul, the unforgettable time you spend with your loved ones gets engraved in your soul forever and all you want is to enshrine these moments for the rest of your life! So, ensure that you plan such a veracious vacation with your friends and family and cherish life all over again.

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