Reports: India All Set To Lose The Holy Kailash Range To China

Reports have quoted Top Indian Defense officials saying that both India and China have reached an agreement to pull-back troops and other armored vehicles in the Pangong Tso Area. Several media agencies have already reported that in the recently-held military talks, China had agreed to take its troops back to Finger 8, the original position of the troops as of April 2020. Finger 4 and Finger 8 were also mutually agreed to become a ‘no patrol’ zone for both armies. 

India in a position to lose the Kailash Range

On the night of 29th August, it is said that the Indian Troops occupied the Kailash Ranges. The Indian Army had reportedly made the move to deny any further strategic advantages to the Chinese and also to stop their inroads in the Indian Territory. 


Since then, China has insisted that the disengagement of both armies must start with India pulling back its troops from Kailash Range because it had ‘altered the status quo’. At the moment, the entire Kailash Range is being converted into a buffer zone with neither parties being allowed to patrol it. 

Veterans unimpressed with the move

Lt Gen H S Panag, who has served more than 40 years in the Indian army ​as ​GOC in Northern Command and Central Command, said: “It seems to be a quid pro quo agreement for the PLA to withdraw east of Finger 8 (north of Pangong Tso) and us withdrawing from the Kailash Range.

He added: “It is pertinent to mention that all buffer zones which are likely to be created are on our side of the LAC, denying us the right to patrol, deploy or develop infrastructure, which we had up to April 2020. Given the yawning differential between the military capabilities in China’s favor, this kind of agreement was inevitable.


Regarding the matter, Maj Gen (Dr)GD Bakshi SM, VSM(retd) said:” It would be a fatal mistake to Withdraw from Kailash range now and help out the Chinese. In 1962 also the Chinese were trying to secure the Kailash range. We had Vacated it in a panic because we were then Worried sick about losing Leh. we cant repeat that error.

Source: Eurasian Times