Reportedly, Here’s The Reason Behind Bhaskar Rao’s Early Removal as BCP Commissioner

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Several reports in the media suggest that the heated argument between Deputy Chief Minister Ashwath Narayan and Bhasker Rao in March might have led to the early ousting of the latter from the position of BCP Commissioner.

BCP Commissioners have usually held office for more than a year

Bhaskar Rao was appointed as the commissioner of Bengaluru Police on August 2nd, 2019. However, he has been removed from the position after just one year. When you compare this tenure to the previous ones, it seems that all was not well between Mr. Rao and the government. In the past, the likes of T Suneel Kumar, BG Jyothi Prakash Mirji and Shankar Bidari had held their position for around two years.


Considering that Mr. Rao’s work had been good, and he was a native Bengalurian, his ousting after just one year does not seem to add.

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Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle

The heated argument might have been a factor

As reported in the media, in March, Ashwath Narayan and Bhaskar Rao were engaged in a heated argument in one of the meetings chaired by CM BS Yediyurappa. Aswath Narayan had reportedly said: “You are making things difficult for small shopkeepers, while you give a free pass to big e-commerce players for whatever you have received in return.

Bhaskar Rao took offense to the allegations of corruption and was said to have denied it with strong words. All of it was happening in front of BSY, and there are reports that Mr. Rao walked out of the meeting angrily. Well, these are only reports and only time will spell out the exact reason behind Mr. Rao’s early ouster.