Remembering Guddada Bhootha, A Classic Kannada Serial Which Ruled The 90s Television

guddada bhootha

Guddada Bhootha has mostly been a part of everyone’s childhood. The classic horror theme that excited and scared equally. It was a recorded massive hit in the entire history of television during the then called ‘golden era of television’. Guddada Bhootha series was extremely famous and the only talk of the town then.

Well, to those of you who do not know about it, Guddada Bhootha is a thriller, Indian television mini-series which has a suspense, horror storyline based on a Tulu drama. It shows the country life of Dakshina Kannada and Tulunadu region of Karnataka.

Guddada Bhootha!

The epic series was directed by the exclusive personality Sadananda Suvarna, director of ‘Ghatashraddha’ a revolutionary movie in the history of Kannada cinemas. Also conferred with ‘Karavali award of honor’ who of course has brought about phenomenal picturization of karavali in the series. It was produced by the extremely popular director Girish Kasaravalli who is known for his National Award winning movies like Kraurya, Gulabi Talkies, and others. It had Prakash Rai as the lead actor who is now regarded as the most successful actors of the Indian film industry. 

It is surprising and lesser known fact that the serial is a remake of a similarly famous Tulu drama. Also, a strange fact is that Sadananda Suvarna director of Guddada Bhootha series initially wanted to make a full-length feature film on the story of the famous Tulu drama. However, the idea was dropped and was finally made into a series. The haunted house featured in the series was shot at journalist Vaddarse Raghurama Shetty’s house situated in Kundapura.

guddada bhootha

The series ruled the 90’s television

In the year 1990, Guddada Bhootha series was telecasted on DD National (Karnataka Regional Service) or DD1 which was the one and only channel for all kinds of entertainment. During its original run, people were simply crazy about the series and made sure that they did not miss on any of its single episodes And the series remained the sole reason why people were always glued to their television sets. The channel DD1 or Doordarshan for Guddada Bhootha serial telecast recorded the largest ‘viewer audience’ ever.

Guddada Bhootha series was a 15 episode storyline. Starting from the haunting title song to the production values, Guddada Bhootha was a leap forward for Indian television which brought Prakash Raj to fame. In spite of the fairly competitive shows, Guddada Bhootha carved a niche for itself with the way it was shot and narrated. Series attracted all age groups, as the topic generated thrill in elders and was a rage among kids.  All in all, Guddada Bhootha to be viewed and was judged as a total classic entertainment in itself.

guddada bhootha

Rangitaranga-Guddada Bhuta?

Rangitaranga was one of the greatest commercial hits Kannada industry ever witnessed. Also, the movie won numerous national and international awards including the Filmfare award for best story, film etc. And this success probably, somewhere, deep routes to this wonderful concept-‘Guddada Bhootha’ isn’t it?.

guddada bhootha

Public Demand you see!

This mind-blowing series on public demand was re-telecasted in Zee Kannada channel in the year 2014. With not just this, Guddada Bhootha series was again telecasted on the news channel called Janasri news. It was the first time in the history of television ever that a news channel aired a serial, especially a horror show. Also, DVD’s of the series were released by the company ‘Total Kannada’. With all of this, you can imagine the fame, publicity, and love Guddada Bhootha had gained for itself. 

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The story of the serial is all about what happens when a retired father and his daughter from Mumbai move into a house in a village rumored to be haunted, where they face paranormal activities. And how they uncover the secrets with the help of Sreenivas, a friend of the daughter.

guddada bhootha

Basically, serials then were shorter and crisper and never dragged on for years and Guddada Bhootha was surely one of the best ones of the ’90s. If every Kannadiga had to pick the best series they remember from their past I am sure this would be one of them, simply for the exceptional, exemplary thriller series, it was.

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