21 Things You’ll Relate To Only If Your Office Is Far Away From Where You Stay


In a city like Bengaluru, traveling has become so hectic that we don’t even want to step out of the house. However, life has to run right? All of you go to the office for work and will look forward to having a free life after it. But, people like us who live far away, going back is an adventure in itself. The circle of working, traveling, and sleeping has become a routine. Here are 21 things that people working far away from home will relate to:

You often find people asking you, ‘Oh, you come from that place ah? It is too far right?’

The day you’ve left your earplugs at home, you feel like you have sold your kidneys to someone.

Only you know the pain of spending on Petrol. If you are taking public transport then you have your own set of problems.

The time you spend on travel is always greater than the actual time you need to reach your office.

You Hate Commuting to an extent that if anyone says, ‘Travel is life’ then you laugh, cry, and howl at the same time.

When on Bus or Metro, you spend most of your time in music, games, and in a sound sleep.

While going back home from the office, if you run out of phone battery then that loneliness you feel is greater than a breakup.

You meet all kinds of people while traveling.

In case, if you have to travel via the Silk Board signal then your situation can only be expressed in terms of frustration.


When there is a holiday, you don’t even think of stepping out of the house. Your friends tease you but you don’t give a damn about it.

For those of us who drive to work, it’s a herculean task. It’s like even after getting out of office, we still have some work to do.

You always think, ‘Why the hell my Boss doesn’t give Work from Home option?’

You hate going to the office when there is a minor work. You somehow, try to convince your manager for leave or work from home.

Suppose if you fall sick in the office then you stay in the office but you don’t think of going home early. Because, by the time you reach your home, you will be dead.

In a city like Bengaluru, you spend half of your life stuck in traffic. Pity Yeah!

You never reach office on time. Never, Ever!

If u get up late then you feel like bunking office. Anyhow, you reach late and lose your half day’s pay. Better to lose another half and chill out in the home.

Your obvious reason for reaching late to office is ‘Traffic’. It has become so obvious that your boss might have stopped asking you. And, he may react like this:

Thoughts of changing office often come to you or at least your home. Right? Accept it.

You are always in a hurry to log out. Maybe for a reason to catch a bus or a train or an airplane to reach your home. LOL !

If you leave something behind, going back halfway to get it is never an option.

However, you too have good days when you get work from home. When that happens, this is how you feel:

All said and done, the feeling of going back to home to see our family, once again is priceless. So, before another day knocks again, let us live those few hours to its fullest.

Do you have a few more things which we all can relate to? Let us know in the comments below.

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