Recommendation: Top 8 Kannada Movies Available On Amazon Prime Video

Kannada Movies on Prime

With stunning titles getting added every month, Amazon Prime Video has swiftly become a happening destination for quality Kannada Movies.

In a way, this platform has also allowed the Kannada Film Industry to spread its wings, considering many across the country own a Prime Account.


Hence, at this time, it is fitting that we curate the best Kannada films on the application. This list can also be used if you would like to prescribe a few awesome Kannada movies to your non-Kannadiga friends.

KGF Chapter 1

A mass-film on steroids, KGF Chapter 1 needs no prologue to Amazon Prime. With unmatched views already accounted, we would be surprised if you haven’t watched this movie yet.


A neo-noir thriller directed by Hemanth M Rao, Kavaludaari was arguably the best Kannada movie of 2019. The movie witnesses a retired alcoholic cop, and a young police-officer on their mission to unlock a mysterious case. 



A raw take on teenage-love and its volatility, Gantumoote has its heart at the right place with a convincing narration, and a strong climax.

Katha Sangama

An anthology spanning 7 engaging stories, Katha Sangama awes you in ways unexpected. Our favorite is the ‘Lacchavva’ episode that appears as the final episode in this movie.

Avane Srimannarayana

An exhibition of class, Rakshit Shetty’s Avane Srimannarayana strikes with its novel storyline and outstanding technical values. Also, the curry-western flavor added to the proceedings furnishes a wholesome experience to the viewers.



The latest fad on Prime, Dia is a must-watch for its realistic take on love and heartbreak, from a woman’s spot of view.

Love Mocktail

Love Mocktail offers plenty of nostalgic moments for the ’90s kids, amidst all of which is weaved a compelling love story that is obliged to leave thou teary-eyed at the end.

Malgudi Days

A philosophical tale of a retired-writer, Malgudi Days plays host to an exceptional performance by Vijay Raghavendra. How all of this connected to the iconic ‘Malgudi Days’ is something that will hold you hooked throughout the entire run-time of the movie.