10 Reasons Why You Should be Excited To Watch This Kannada Movie Titled Kavaludaari

kavaludaari kannada movie

Do you love crime? How about an investigation thriller? Well, it’s been days we’ve seen a flick of this genre in Kannada. Having said that, the crime thriller is not at all a new thing to Kannada cinema. We have Sunil Kumar Desai’s Tarka, Bhargava’s Avala Hejje, Shankar Nag starrer Nyaya Ellide and so on. These are the movies which are an edge of a seat thriller which binds you to its story and to its suspense-filled screenplay. In similar lines, carrying that sense of curiosity, Kavaludaari is hitting the screens on this 12th of April. Here are a few reasons why you should be excited to watch this film.

1. Hemanth Rao is Back After Godhi Banna Sadharana Maikattu (GBSM)

In the last decade, if there are ten must- watch Kannada movies then Godhi Banna Sadharana Maikattu is definitely one of them. The kind of story it carried backed by performances of top-notch quality had managed to impress a large set of urban audience.
The hands-down acting by a veteran like Ananth Nag, sensibly supported by Charan Raj on music makes GBSM special. It was directed by Hemanth Rao and now he is back with Kavaludaari, thus creating an expectation among the audience who had liked GBSM. So, if you are one of them then you got to be excited for Kavaludaari.

kavaludaari kannada movie

2. Hemanth Rao is One Of the Screen- Writers Of Bollywood’s Popular Movie ‘Andhadun’

If you haven’t watched Andhadun yet then it is available on Netflix. It is one of the most appreciated Indian movies of 2018 with an IMDB rating of 8.5. It is also an edge of a seat thriller which revolves around crime. However, the matter of fact is that Hemanth Rao is one of the screenwriters of Andhadun who have primarily shaped the story for its first-half. So, will there be elements of that kind in Kavaludaari? Here you go, one more reason to be excited about his upcoming flick.

kavaludaari kannada movie

3. A Neo-Noir Thriller Dedicated to Police Officers

If you look at the trailer of this film then it has elements of murder mystery, investigation, and a sense of unknowingness. The story seems to revolve around an age-old case to give a logical conclusion in the climax. Going with Hemanth’s words, through this movie, he has tried to explore the human side of a cop-life and the trauma a cop goes through in the process of solving a case.

Quoting Hemanth’s words from TNM interview, he feels that a police job is a thankless job in many ways. He says, ” I’m not giving a hunky dory image of their profile but I’m saying it’s a very difficult job.” Kavaludaari in that sense has a universal appeal because the situation is the same across the country.

kavaludaari kannada movie

4. A Treat Of Watching Ananth Nag On Screen

Ananth Nag is one such actor in the Indian film industry who is an absolute treat to watch on screen. The depth he brings to a scene, merely through silence or with that expression – he simply steals the show.

Taking GBSM as an instance, the audience got to see an unexplored side of the actor which eventually became the key highlight of the movie. As Hemanth Rao said, there is a lot of swagger to his personality of Kavaludaari. Without a second thought, Ananth Nag is one of the strong reasons for you to be excited about this movie.

kavaludaari kannada movie

5. Charan Raj’s Music

We always see Charan Raj as a story-teller than just a music composer. This artist blends so well with the makers that he always brings that charm in the narrative. The recent example being Tagaru where Charan saw a commercial success however holding to his image of being a part of the story being narrated.

This is his second film with Hemanth Rao after GBSM and so obviously, there was an excitement attached to it. However, the released songs of Kavaludaari has fairly met with the expectations. Be it Nigooda or Samshaya – Kavaludaari’s music has ignited the mood for sure. It is said that over 100 musicians have worked together in an orchestra over a period of 48 days. So, Charan’s magical piece of music is yet another reason for you to be excited about Kavaludaari.

kavaludaari kannada movie

6. I was waiting for a role of this kind from 30 Years – Ananth Nag

Yes, Ananth Nag has been vocal about his character in Kavaludaari. Sharing his experience with media, he has said that he’s been waiting for a role of this kind from the last 30 years. Speaking to TOI, the veteran actor said, ” I quite liked what I heard and, honestly, after over three decades in the industry and close to 300 films, this was a role I have been waiting for. ”

This one line coming from an actor like Ananth Nag is enough for you to be excited for Kavaludaari, right?

7. The Brilliant Cast Of The Movie

Of course, there is Ananth Nag however the rest of the cast looks equally incredible. There is Rishi who is identified as one of the promising actors through his movie titled Operation Alamelamma. After a long gap, Suman Ranganath is back on screen and it will be interesting to see her in an investigation thriller. On the other hand, the most versatile Achyuth Kumar is playing a key role, just adding to the wave of excitement that the movie has already created.

kavaludaari kannada movie

8. Puneeth Rajkumar’s Maiden Production Venture

Kavaludaari is presented by Puneeth Rajkumar and is produced by his wife Ashwini Puneeth Rajkumar under PRK productions. This might not be a reason really for you to be excited about the movie. However, if you have a sense of love for Kannada movies then you will appreciate this. Investing in A-film-old director, that too on your maiden venture needs an avid passion for cinema making. In that sense, Puneeth Rajkumar stands out.

Speaking about his association with PRK productions, Hemanth Rao said, “I need to make sure what we put out is a quality product. If I do well, Puneeth sir will produce five such films with new age filmmakers.”

9. A Content-Driven Cinema

Kavaludaari is an urban-centric movie and it only hopes to have a mass reach. The market is difficult but nothing is pre-defined. If you love content-driven cinema then Kavaludaari has to be your option for this weekend.

kavaludaari kannada movie

10. An Edge of the Seat Experience

To sum it up, Kavaludaari is a period film that transcends to the past. Hemanth Rao promises a solid thriller with actors like Ananth Nag, Rishi, Achyuth Kumar. The film is going to be an edge of the seat thriller for sure, owing to its brilliantly cut trailer.

Hemanth Rao’s Godhi Banna Sadharana Maikattu, Ananth Nag’s presence, Charan Raj’s music, and the investigation thriller – this is Kavaludaari for you. We are excited to watch the movie and how about you?

Watch the film’s trailer here:

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