“Ready to face the consequences”: YouTuber who showed assassination of PM Modi in video game issues apology

Popular Youtuber and Gamer Manpreet Singh aka Happy Goldsmith from Punjab has come into the limelight with the apology he has issued by making another video on YouTube.

Manpreet Singh in his gameplay of the popular game GTA V was seen depicting the assassination of PM Modi with a baseball bat. A four-minute video of his gameplay had become viral when it had the assassination of PM Modi in it. Post this he immediately made the video private. Earlier he also issued an apology regarding the same through a tweet.


The tweet read,

I am very sorry about my modi ji’s GTA gameplay that was a mistake mine and now I realised that what I have did was totally wrong and I apologise for my mistake from the depth of my heart, I was such a kid at that time when I made that video. #happygoldsmith

Post this he issued an apology video.


The YouTuber in the video has claimed that this video was just made in a humorous manner and did not inflict any damage to any person’s reputation. He went to say that he and his family have been getting death threats, abuses, and a lot of hate from the people for this act. He goes on to accept his mistake and claims that he is ready for any punishment for the same or any consequences.

YouTuber Happy Goldsmith has about 3 lakh subscribers on his channel and usually does live streams and gaming videos from GTA V, Farmer Simulator, and Volrent, his videos are usually done in Punjabi language as he hails from Punjab and tries to entertain his audience in this manner.

This video is also in the backdrop of the PM Security breach incident that took place in Punjab and many netizens have carefully observed the video and drawn relations with the same as he depicts hatred towards PM Modi in the video.