Here’s Why Rasta Cafe is One Of Young Bengaluru’s Most Preferred Long Drive Destinations

rasta cafe

Rasta Cafe – a reality that you could have only dreamt of!. Rasta, close to 3 acres of space is dedicated to making sure that time spent here is comfortable, relaxed and memorable. Call it a getaway or a pit-stop on the highway, when you enter Rasta Cafe, you enter a zone that is as fast or slow paced as you want it to be. The colors and ambiance of this Lifestyle café are sure to inspire in you a sense of freedom. Rasta claims to come from the need to unwind and take a moment from our fast-paced lives to spend some quality time with our friends and family. Let’s explore Rasta for its luxuries, events and much more.

What makes it so exciting?

Rasta Cafe’, located near Ramanagara is craved for because it is located on one of the most loved highways of Bengaluru- the Bangalore-Mysore road. It is a popular route amongst folks who love to enjoy long drives and also because it is at quite close quarters. Only a 40-minute drive from the heart of Bangalore city, which is on Mysore road. Rasta Cafe’ was one of the first cafe’s to provide hookah service to the public. It is a great spot to take a break while traveling on the Bangalore-Mysore highway.

rasta cafe

Why Be At Rasta?

Simply because it gives you the most Redefining Lifestyle and Leisure ever. Surrounded by picturesque hills Rasta Café is the most exciting place filled with fun and frolic you should be heading to, because, be it sheer relaxation or getting your team all pumped up, Rasta is a perfect venue. Rasta Café is ideal for hosting events with large audiences like workshops, conventions, celebrations, team building activities or just adventure sports. With an indoor seating capacity of up to 200 people and a comfortable outdoor seating space for about 2000 people.

Talking about the fun activities, there are a lot of Indoor games like Pool table, Play Station arena, a Foosball table and outdoor games like wall climbing, rope climbing etc. Along with this, there are many team building activities like Blind Polygun, Human Ladder, Marble & Pipe, Toxic Waste, Trolley, Chariot Race and much more. Rasta also has Adventure sports like Rappeling, Horizontal Ladder, Zorbing, River Crossing, Paint Ball Events, Tight Rope Walk and many more.

Food, Screening and much more

The ambiance and infrastructure are best suitable for people wanting thrill rides and great food along with some good mugs of beer. Rasta is quite a popular hookah bar with amazing food as well. Rasta holds a lengthy menu offering ‘hot -stuff’s’ like the Espressos , special tea’s cold stuff’s like Rastaccino, smoothies, health drinks, breakfast eats like ‘grandma’s bread omelette’, ‘spanish omelette’, loaded fries like ‘pulled meat mantra’, salads, sandwiches, pizza’s, burgers, desserts and much more. Of course, the authentic Rasta Mocha’s or Rasta Latte’s and Cappuccinos are at their best.

However, if all you want to do is just lay back and relax, looking forward to watching your favorite games on large TV’s then you could, by all means, make use of the special screenings of important games on the massive projector at Rasta.

Also if you want to enjoy the night playing games, then you have the late night football games, which is exclusively offered by Rasta. The cafe also conducts trekking expeditions at the surrounding Ramanagara hills as well.

rasta cafe

Chilli Billi – Woman Time!

Chill Bill is a women store at Rasta. The store has some exceptional, trendy, globalized clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories etc. The store caters to every woman’s fashion needs. The store has walls decked up with framed paintings and photos from around the world for sale, and there are also some cool pieces of furniture you could pick from. Right now the store mainly has western wear and looking to bring in something that people are not familiar with – exclusive stuff’s. Store witnesses women of all ages walk in, but mostly they are between age groups 20 and 35. Raste cafe hosts a few other stores as well.

Call yourself a Sports Junkie or an Adventure Demon, Rasta Café is the place for you clearly!. Make sure you do not miss visiting the cafe if you are still haven’t.

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