Ranveer Singh Gets Life Lesson From Tata Boss Chandra, Here’s What He Said

Ranveer Singh recently interacted with Tata group chairman N Chandrasekaran and the latter gave a piece of advice to the superstar on work-life balance.

Chandrasekaran and Ranveer

Tata group chairman Natarajan Chandrasekaran and Ranveer Singh, Both meritorious and mighty in their respective fields, met at a recent event called IAA Leadership Awards 2022. Both were engaged in a fun conversation during an engaging question-answer session at the event in Mumbai. During their chat, Chandrasekaran also gave a life lesson to Ranveer on work-life balance, among other things.


The event honored the best in marketing, advertising, and media. Ranveer Singh was also one of the awardees at the event. He won the Brand Endorser of the Year award. The actor couldn’t resist asking a series of questions to the Tata boss, confessing that this was a rare occasion where he came face-to-face with the business leader.

Ranveer Singh said that he needed advice on time management. To this, Chandrasekaran’s advice was quite simple. He said, “Tension nahi lene ka, gyan nahi dene ka (do not take unnecessary stress, and do not lecture).” He then followed it up with praise for the actor, who is known for his high energy and wacky sartorial choices. “If I can have 10% of the energy I see you exhibit, life would be different. I don’t know how you do it,” Chandrasekaran told Ranveer Singh amid applause.

Ranveer Singh’s last two films, 83′ and Jayeshbhai Jordaar, flunked at the box office. Related to this, the actor questioned the Tata Boss, “Sir, my beloved Hindi film fraternity is in a state of confusion and flux. Big ticket films, including a few of mine, are not working at the box office. The pandemic has changed audience tastes. Coming out of the pandemic, the response to our movies is worrying. Nobody really has the answer. Other products are working, action films are working. When the entire industry is in a state of confusion, what is your advice to our industry as a collective?”


Chandrasekaran said that he had “zero knowledge, negative knowledge of the film industry.” But when pushed further by the actor, he said, “I would like to go back to my earlier statement: tension nahi lene ka, gyan nahi dene ka!”

Work-Life Balance

Ranveer Singh further questioned Chandrasekaran, “Sir, I am at strange crossroads. I am confused about my own choices. I want to build a legacy, have a filmography, make a significant contribution to the arts and entertainment, and have a body of work. Does that require a singular focus? Every iota of my time is devoted to this, or is there a need for balance with time devoted to friends and family?”

To this, Chandra replied, “Whatever you want to achieve, you already have achieved. From my perspective, the two [focus and balance] are not contrary. Focus doesn’t mean you don’t do other things. If I am balanced, my focus gets better and I get better solutions. If I go at one thing like a maniac, I don’t think I get the best results.” The actor responded, “I have my answer. I had to hear it from someone like you.”