Ranu Mondal Got Annoyed At A Fan Seeking A Selfie, Twitter Is On Outrage

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Going from rags to riches is everyone’s dream these days. Whether it happens by way of a better-luck or winning a lottery, some research suggests that money can change a person’s behavior- and not in good terms. Singing Sensation Ranu Mondal, who made her identity with her talent and humility is not an ordinary person today. Maybe that’s why she has turned into a haughty and conceited character. In a recent incident, Ranu Mondal was seen getting annoyed at a fan who wanted to take a selfie with her. Certainly, her behavior has surprised many and today people are questioning her modesty.

Humility and modesty for what she was known for

Ranu Maria Mondal who was singing Lata Mangeshkar’s song at Ranaghat railway station in Kolkata was usually adored by passersby. People used to give money to Ranu for food and seldom something to eat.


One day, a person named Atindra Chakraborty shared a video of Ranu on Facebook, which went viral overnight. People liked Ranu’s voice so much that Himesh Reshammiya had to step in to bring this talent into the studios, she got a chance as a playback singer in Bollywood movie.

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Money can change a character?

After being liked on social media for her beautiful voice, a recent incident has disappointed people as she was seen going angry with a fan who wished for a selfie with her.

A video has gone viral on social media where it explains all about how money and fame can change a person’s behavior: Seeing Ranu Mandal, a woman fan reaches her for a selfie. She touches her to call Ranu Mondal. Just this, Ranu Mandal is seen getting angry at her.



In the video, she is seen giving instructions to the fan. The video has also been shared in the same manner. According to which Ranu Mondal got angry due to the behavior of the fan.

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