Ranking The Top 10 Sandalwood Performers Of 2020

Despite the industry taking a hit, content-wise, 2020 was reasonably stable for Sandalwood. There was variety, freshness, and a couple of daring ventures also hopped onto the podium.

If you speak about performances as well, Sandalwood can be gratified by the works of its artists. While a few made sure the audience was absorbed into the narrative, others had the story hoisted due to their acts.


In this article, we rank from 1 to 10, the top performers of Sandalwood in 2020. The list also covers players from films that had direct-releases on OTT platforms.

10. Danish Sait – French Biriyani

At No.10, we have Danish Sait from the direct-OTT release film French Biriyani. Playing Asgar, a character from Danish’s radio past, the ‘Humble Politician Nagaraj’ man entertained viewers with his accent and antics on the screen. Even his promotional stuff for this movie was hilarious.

9. Nivedita – Popcorn Monkey Tiger

Nivedita in Suri’s Popcorn Monkey Tiger was terrific. Essaying a complex character called Popcorn Devi, Nivedita gave just the right kind of performance that is needed in a Suri film. Her variations, and ability to pull off difficult expressions was indeed commendable.


8. Dhananjaya – Popcorn Monkey Tiger

This man has been in red-hot form in recent years. Of course, in PMT, yet again, he was amazing. In this film, Daali did multiple jobs with ease. He made the audience laugh, and most importantly, made them feel for his character well. His commitment to shave his head for the character is also worth mentioning here.

7. Milana Nagaraj – Love Mocktail

For a movie like Love Mocktail, you need the boys to fall in love with the heroine and the girls to like the hero for the film to become successful. While Darling Krishna did his job adequately, it was Milana Nagaraj who was the real deal. She delivered an absolutely cute performance, and also showed real steel in going de-glam like the way she did in the climax part.

6. Yagna Shetty – Act 1978

Yagna Shetty is known to be a performer in Sandalwood. She has a brilliant filmography, and Act 1978 was a testament to her skills. Amongst the other established actors, Yagna held her ground and made this film her own.


5. Achyuth Kumar – Mayabazaar 2016

An honest police officer who is forced to take an uncomfortable route, Achyuth Kumar excelled with his acting in Mayabazaar 2016. Although he acted in other films in 2020, it is for this movie that the prolific actor takes the No.5 position on this list.

4. Pruthvi Ambaar – Dia

Until his arrival, Dia was taking a very melancholic note in the proceedings. Once his character appeared, there was humor, neat emotions, and some fun on screen. In the end, though, the same character made many shed tears. At the center of it all was a masterful performance by Pruthvi Ambaar.

3. Vijay Raghavendra – Malgudi Days

Vijay Raghavendra has always been an underrated performer in Sandalwood. He is a recipient of multiple awards, and in 2020, he again delivered a trophy-worthy performance. Malgudi Days stood on his show, and if you are yet to watch it, we recommend you to do so.


2. Ramesh Aravind – Shivaji Surathkal

We know Ramesh Aravind as an actor who plays characters which fall on the subtle side of the court. However, in his 101st film, the actor had a different kind of performance to offer for his fans. His character also had many layers, and that overall added a texture to the film.

1. Kushi Ravi – Dia

Now, at No.1 on this list, we have Kushi Ravi from Dia. Not often do we get films told from a woman’s perspective, and when that happens, the performance of the actress must be on point. In Dia, Kushi did just that and made everyone feel and relate to her character.