10 Reasons Why This 50-Year-Old Ranganna Military Hotel is Iconic And Bengaluru’s Favorite 

ranganna military hotel

Military Hotels in Bengaluru have contributed to the unique food culture that the city has exhibited in the last few years. The authentic taste of food along with reasonable prices has made such joints extremely popular among the citizens of Bengaluru. Located in Jayanagar, Ranganna Military Hotel is one of the pioneers of the military hotels and naturally so, this restaurant has been liked by many in recent times.

There are a number of reasons why this joint is everyone’s favorite but here is us listing down 10 of them.

1. The Military-Hotel Experience

Ranganna Military Hotel is probably the best hotel where you can get the closest to a traditional Bengaluru Military Hotel. The plastic chair and stone table reminds you of how the older Bengaluru Hotel might have functioned like and the restaurant’s age-old tradition of serving Rasam & Soup’s in steel cups will also impress you.

ranganna military hotel

2. Cleanliness

At any time of the day, the Ranganna Military Hotel looks neat and clean thereby dismissing any concerns about the hygiene at this joint. The floors and the furniture are cleaned very often and as per the words from the owner himself, Cleanliness is of their utmost priority at this restaurant.

3. Location

Jayanagar is one of the feel-good places located in Bengaluru. With a pleasant covering of green across the area, Jayanagar is easily accessible from almost every corner of the city. Located here, RMH gives you the option to decide on an easy hangout place without many discussions. Also, after a heavy meal at this restaurant, Jayanagar is almost the perfect place to take a post-meal stroll.

ranganna military hotel

4. Diverse Menu

Unlike the other small hotels across the city, Ranganna Military Hotel boasts of a diverse menu with dishes ranging from a plate of idli to the seasonal Bangda Fish Fry. Chicken, Mutton, Kheema, and Liver all have representation in this menu card and hence, RMH is the perfect joint to indulge in to satisfy your cravings for non-vegetarian food.

5. Non-Veg for Breakfast

Ranganna Military Hotel will open as early as 7:30 in the morning. Hence, if you would want to experience the feeling of having traditional non-veg dishes in the morning, this joint is the perfect option for you. The Dosa and Leg Soup combination are highly recommended for this experience.

ranganna military hotel

6. The Impeccable Service

The service at this restaurant is very impressive. While it is extremely quick and efficient, the waiters here might identify you if you are a frequent visitor. They engage well with the customers and manage the crowd very well. The old gentleman at the cashier counter is sweet and looks like the perfect brand ambassador of a Bengaluru Military Hotel

7. The Perfect use of Spices

RMH is known for the aroma that emanates out of the dishes that get prepared here. A major reason for this is the perfect usage of the spices in the food items which you cannot avoid enjoying while having these dishes.

ranganna military hotel

8. Leg soup

Apart from its nutritional benefits, Leg Soup is one item that is highly addictive too. At Ranganna Military Hotel, you probably get the best Leg Soup in Bengaluru. The texture is just perfect and the spicy nature of the liquid is sure to tingle your test beds. The steel cup-serving technique of this item here will also impress you.

9. Kheema Gojju

Kheema Gojju is everyone’s favorite here. Available at Rs 130, this plate of paradise will go down well with the likes of Ragi Mudde, Dosa and Chapathi. Kheema is perfectly cooked and is sure to melt immediately in your mouth.

ranganna military hotel

10. Price

For the kind of quality and quantity of food on offer here, the price of items at Ranganna Military Hotel seems to be pretty reasonable. Although the Dosas and Idlis might appear costly, the famous gravies and dry items are well-priced by the management.

Open: 7:30 AM – 4 PM and 7 PM – 10 PM (Closed on Monday)

Where: 61, 1st floor, opp to Indian oil petroleum, Krishna Rajendra Rd, 7th Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru




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