Ranbir Kapoor Shares His Thoughts Upon Bollywood Movies In Future, Says Small Films Are For OTT

Ranbir Kapoor shares his thoughts on bringing back people to the theaters. The 39-year-old’s views could be a lesson for Bollywood in the coming years.

The new era of filmmaking 

From ‘Saawariya’ to ‘Sanju’, it’s been fifteen years since Ranbir Kapoor made his Bollywood debut. Over the years, the 39-year-old has given us some memorable performances and several blockbuster hits. Some have been box office failures while others have been praised by fans and critics also. With all this, Ranbir Kapoor talks about how future films of Bollywood will have to be big in order to bring the crowd back to the theaters.


“Only Big Cinema Experiences will work in the future. I think this is the most logical thing that will happen. Because you need to drive people to the cinemas to watch a movie or else they can see the same thing in the comfort of their home. We need to find out that one element that pushes them to go to the cinema,” said Ranbir Kapoor.

A lesson for Bollywood filmmakers 

The 39-year-old brought up some examples from his own film to make his statement sound more sensible. He said, “My own movies like Wake up Sid, Rocket Singh, and Tamasha, are films that will not remain in theaters again. If I pick such subjects in the future I should release them on certain OTT platforms. But when I do a film like Brahmāstra, which is, in fact, a big scale film, everyone has to wait for the cinema experience.”

The actor believes that the coming era will see a shift where filmmakers will have to decide upon their films in respect of the scale. “I think that such a shift is happening. I don’t know how soon that will happen. However, people are beginning to notice it. We should take this thing in a positive way and not in a negative way,” the actor concludes.