Ranbir Kapoor Is Curious To Meet His ‘First Wife’; The Actor Recalls His Bizarre Experience

Ranbir Kapoor, who will soon be a father, revealed a story about his craziest fan encounter. The actor reveals that he hasn’t yet met his “first wife”. Curious? Read the full story.

Ranbir’s Crazy fan

Earlier this year, the actor got married to his longtime girlfriend Alia Bhatt in a private ceremony. However, the actor jokingly now revealed that he is eager to meet his ‘first wife’.


Ranbir was requested to share the weirdest fan experience he has ever had during a conversation with Mashable India. In response, Ranbir recalled a situation in which a female fan got wedded to the gate of his Mumbai mansion.

He stated, “There was a girl and I never met her. But my watchman told me that she came with a pundit and she married my gate. there was some ‘Teeka’ on the gate and some flowers too. So, that’s quite crazy.” He further added, “I haven’t met my first wife yet, so I look forward to meeting you at some point.”

Pregnancy News

Alia Bhatt has left the Internet both delighted and confused after she announced her pregnancy on Monday. She shared a photo that shows Alia on a hospital bed and her husband Ranbir Kapoor, pictured from behind, looking at the ultrasound results on the monitor.


Alia shared a photo, writing, “Our baby ….. coming soon.” She also shared a photo featuring a lion and lioness with their cub.

Speaking about getting married to Alia Bhat, Ranbir says, “I used to say, in my films, that shaadi is like dal chawal for pachaas saal till you die. Arey life mein thoda bahut kheema pav, tangdi kebab, hakka noodles bhi hona chahiye na.” 

He added that his vision has changed and how after marrying Alia Bhatt. Ranbir said: “But after my experiences in life, I can say dal-chawal is the best. My life with Alia is the best. My life has dal chawal with tadka, pickle, and onions, it has everything. So, I couldn’t have asked for a better life partner,” Ranbir Kapoor said during the trailer launch.


When the actor was asked if Shamshera and Brahmastra are wedding gifts to his fans, Ranbir Kapoor said, “It is a huge year for me. It is a great year for me, I got married, it is a beautiful thing that has happened in my life.”