10 Super-Tasty And Authentic Dishes You Should Definitely Not Miss on Ram Navami

ram navami dishes

Ram Navami is a Hindu festival, celebrating the birth of Lord Rama to King Dasharatha of Ayodhya. While the festival is particularly important to the Vaishnavite tradition of Hinduism, Ram Navami is a popular festival worshipped across the Hindu world. The holiday is celebrated on the ninth day of Chaitra month (the first month in the Hindu lunar calendar). Indeed, it marks the culmination of the spring festival of Vasanta Navratri (Chaitra Navratri) which begins on Ugadi. Rama was the seventh incarnation of Vishnu. He was the hero of the Ramayana, the ancient Sanskrit epic.

In this festival vibe, there are certain dishes that are prepared during the course of Ram Navami. Let’s see some of the dishes prepared.

1. Kadle Usli

Spicy Kadle usli is a tasty and healthy snack prepared using black chickpeas. This is a typical Bangalore and Mysore style sour and spicy kadle usli. Indeed, this is a perfect usuli recipe if you are looking for a spicy treat. In Karnataka, if a salad is prepared using raw soaked dal or lentils then it is called as kosambari. And if a salad is prepared using cooked dal or lentils then it is called as usli.

Ram Navami

2. Kosambari

This is a typical south Indian salad served in every function. It is a very simple, healthy and tasty dish. Hesaru Bele Southekayi Kosambari is common to every Kannadiga family’s kitchen. Moreover, this kosambari gives a very festive feel as it is compulsorily made during the festivals. One can also have it as an evening snack accompanied with filter coffee. It is also a healthy dish to feed your family when they are back home after a tiring day.

Ram Navami

3. Bellada Panaka

Bellada panaka translates to jaggery juice in the Kannada language. The most common ingredients in panaka are jaggery, tamarind (or lemon), ginger, pepper, and cardamom. Few ingredients are optional. This Bellada panaka is usually prepared and distributed on Hindu festival Shri Rama Navami. However, it is a very traditional and simple drink which not only helps to quench the thirst but also helps cool the system.

Ram Navami

4. Rasayana (Fruit Salad)

Introducing the world’s most simple fruit salad recipe, with a tropical twist! It’s a refreshing salad starring banana, pomegranate, drakshi. It is one of the important recipe cooked in a festival. Hailing from India many people love to eat this salad with banana as the main fruit.  It’s super easy to whip together and you can vary the flavors by using your favorite fruits or seasonal ones.

Ram Navami

5. Mavina Hannina Rasayana

Mavina hannina rasayana or Mangalore style aam ras is prepared using Mango, jaggery, and coconut. And is generally served with either neer dose or thin poha or akki shavige. This mavina hannina rasayana is very popular across the Karavali region of Karnataka. Most importantly, Mavina hannina rasayana is familiar by name seekarane in other parts of Karnataka.

Ram Navami

6. Shavige Payasa

Shavige payasa or sevai payasam is prepared using vermicelli, milk, and sugar. This is a very easy payasa recipe. It is perhaps one of the simple Indian dessert recipe relished for small or big occasions by amateur or professional chefs. Kheer recipes are generally served during the meal or can also be served chilled after the meal as dessert.

Ram Navami

7. Chitranna recipe

It is widely prepared in south India, especially in Karnataka where it prepared for not just for breakfast, also during religious ceremony meals.  It is typically prepared by mixing cooked rice with seasoning known as oggarane. The seasoning mainly includes mustard, peanuts, curry leaves and more importantly lemon juice. In some version of lemon rice even garlic, carrot and onions are added, but this version is traditional without it.

Ram Navami

8. Mosaranna (curd rice)

It is a popular yogurt rice dish of south India which is even offered as prasadam to devotees in several south Indian temples. It can be easily prepared by just combining whisked curd and leftover mashed rice plus some dry fruits. Furthermore, it is even tempered with urad dal, mustard seeds, red chili and garnished with fresh coriander leaves.

Ram Navami

9. Chattambade

Masala Vada, also known as chattambade or chana dal vada is a popular deep fried fritter from Udupi and Mangalore region. Basically, it is prepared by grounding the soaked split chickpeas or Bengal gram and black gram lentils coarsely and then spiced with chilies and other dry spices. Further, the prepared batter is then deep fried till it is crisp golden in color.

Ram Navami

10. Kesari Bath

A popular south Indian sweet dish made from semolina is mainly prepared for breakfast or during the festival feast. Additionally, it is known with several other names like sooji Kesari, sooji halwa, sheera or semolina Kesari. Indeed, a simple sweet recipe prepared with basic ingredients like semolina, sugar, and ghee. Hence, it is topped with dry fruits like chopped cashews, almonds and some raisins which gives a nice crunchy effect to it.

Ram Navami

Happy Festival! 




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