Rakshith Shetty Believes His Life Has Changed After ‘777 Charlie’, The Dog Came As A Divine Entity

‘777 Charlie’, which has generated a lot of curiosity all over the country, has received a positive reaction during the premier show. Amid this, the leading actor Rakshith Shetty has revealed why this film is special to him and how this can change his life.

Closer to life film

‘777 Charlie’, which has generated a lot of curiosity all over the country, is all set for a big release on June 10 in Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam. Rakshith Shetty, the Sandalwood star and producer who is playing the lead role in the movie, while talking about the film stated that the audience will have a surreal experience in the movie.


“This is a different genre than ‘Bahubali’ and ‘KGF’ series movies. They were larger-than-life movies. Even ‘Pushpa’ is a commercial movie. ‘777 Charlie’ is closer to life. This is a movie which one can relate to in real life,” said Rakshith.

“I had doubts on how it is going to work out at the national level. However, I know there are dog lovers throughout the country. We shot for 167 days and spent 3 years on the film. It is a very difficult job to do a dog’s movie. Even our same team cannot do it again.”

Rakshith’s experience 

Rakshith describes the risks involving experimenting with larger canvas in different genres of movies, he says he has this risk-taking attitude. If 100 percent effort is made by the team as well as the producer, the film is fated to be a successful venture, he says.


People who are enjoying the trailer are going to love the movie as well. The lead character ‘Dharma’ (played by Rakshith Shetty) has been inspired by the ‘Dharmayara’ character of the Mahabharata where Dharmaraya reaches heaven alone and a dog follows him. He ensures the dog goes to heaven too. Likewise, in the movie, the dog takes Dharma to heaven, he says.

Talking about Charlie, the dog, he says, she (dog) has come into my life at the right time. The character of Dharma is introverted, which has resemblances to my personal character.

“I am a quiet person, I don’t socialize. Through the journey of ‘777 Charlie’ self-exploration has begun within me. Charlie, the dog has come as a divine entity. Innocence is as good as God himself. The audience will feel that she is a divine entity,” he explains.