RajiniKanth Political Entry: The Actor Ends All The Speculations About He Becoming A Chief Minister

rajinikanth political entry

Pouring cold water over his fan’s dreams and expectations, superstar actor Rajnikanth announced on Thursday that he never wanted to become the chief minister but always wanted to bring change in politics and bring about new and better leaders.

He said Tamil Nadu had ushered in changes on several fronts. “It was here that Mahatma Gandhi decided to opt for wearing minimal clothes. It was here where Subash Chandra Bose asked 100 youngsters to join him and he would drive away from the British. When Congress was ruling several states in the country, it was Tamil Nadu that brought a regional party to power. I want TN to be at the forefront of change once again. I want it to spread across India,” Rajinikanth said.

“Had I wanted to be the CM, I could have got it in 1996. This is not the first time I am saying this. Even on December 31, 2017, I said this. Do I want to have something which I did not want at the age of 45?,” Rajinikanth said.

He also said that Tamil Nadu has two great parties that are well established.

“On the one side is a party which has not been in power for almost 10 years, backed by a strong structure and willing to spend money as much as possible to come to power. On the other side is the ruling party with its hold over the government treasury. Between these two giants, we have to make our entry. It will not be an easy task,” Rajinikanth said.




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