Rajasthan Crisis: The Complete Timeline Of How Ashok Gehlot Sidelined Sachin Pilot From The Govt

Ashok Gehlot

The political crisis in the state of Rajasthan continues to stay grim. Even as Ashok Gehlot has sidelines Sachin Pilot, he still needs to secure his government.

The Rajasthan government, when it was elected, was termed as the comeback victory of the Congress party. Many expected Pilot to assume the post of Chief Minister but was made the deputy instead. A year later, Sachin Pilot has been sacked by the party from the post. What led to this?


Here’s a look at the timelines of the things that unfolded.

COVID Management Team

Rajasthan government set up a COVID special team to manage the novel coronavirus crisis in the state. Incidentally, Sachin Pilot was left out of the team. As per reports, he was kept out of all the meetings related COVID-19 and was also not consulted in the decisions taken by the government.

Sachin Ashok (1)

The Superior-Inferior Complex

Even though Sachin Pilot was the deputy of Ashok Gehlot in the Rajasthan government, he still was the head of the party in the state. Yet he was not kept in the loop when six BSP MLAs joined the Congress party. This might have got Sachin wondering who is the boss of the party.


One Year Celebration Party

In December, the Rajasthan government planned a three-day celebration to commemorate one year of the party’s power in the state. Shockingly, Sachin Pilot was not a part of it. Apparently, the achievements of his ministries were not part of the official booklet published by the government.

On Wednesday, Rajasthan Chief Minister accused Sachin Pilot of involving in horse-trading with the rival BJP party in order to topple the government of the state. On Tuesday, the congress party sacked Sachin Pilot from the post of Deputy Chief Minister and also from the post of Chief of Rajasthan Pradesh Congress. Sachin Pilot is yet to reply to the accusations.


Source: India.com