This Restaurant Named Raj Bhog in Rajajinagar Serves Mind-Blowing North Indian Varieties


The land of Karnataka is characterized by its diversity of different cultures, tradition, and lifestyles. The cuisine of each region is influenced by its history and climate, such that, every place in the state boasts of a unique delicacy. In the previous articles, we took you to a journey of some of South Indian delicacy, which had a number of varieties to offer you.

However, this time we will take you to a new journey that has its own characteristics, that is the North Indian cuisine. When we here the word ‘north Indian food’ the things that buzz in our mind are chapati, paratha, pooris, Kichidi, dals, and curries, etc. Apart from this North Indian dishes has lots more to offer you. If you are really looking forward to tasting some of the untold north Indian dishes then come to Raj Bhog at Rajajinagara.


The Main course

Raj Bhog is a Pure Vegetarian North Indian restaurant which has a variety of innovative and curated foodstuff and many of them are unique and must try. The food menu her includes fast food, Chaats, North Indian, Chinese, Mexican and Fusion Delicacies that their Chef has come up with.

For a beginning appetizer, they have a rich creamy Broccoli & Mushroom Soup a delicious and healthy soup made in no time. And for the main course, you will be served with a Roti Basket and their special Gravy platter consisting of Paneer Butter Masala, Shahi Kurma, Corn Palak Masala, Kaju Masala, Mili Juli Sabji, and Veg Kolhapuri.


Tandoori Love, Nothing like it

They also offer you with various tandoori dishes which includes Veg Sheek Kabab, Paneer Teen Swaad, Tandoori Aloo, Paneer Tika, Roti pe Paneer ki roti, Achari baby corn Sunhere Khaste. And finally don’t forget to try the authentic Tandoori Platter, which the name itself triggers the taste buds for most of the people. It’s a combination of different aromatic spices with raw smoked vegetables served with hummus, mint and beetroot dips making it a perfect fusion starter.


Pizza Delight

Who doesn’t love to get together with friends or family and eat pizza? It can almost always meet your expectations anytime and anywhere. The delicious smell of a pizza straight out of the oven is unmatched in this world. Indeed, Rajbhog brings you some of the unique pizza choices in their menu which are Chocolate Cheese Pizza, Chinese Cheese Pizza, Italian Pizza, Tandoori Cheese, Punjabi Paneer, Jalapeno Babycorn Pizza.


And don’t forget to try their very famous Mexican Rice- Rice combined with everything Mexican, rajma, beans, salsa; presented Beautifully with Nachos and Cheese.



It is a very well maintained restaurant with more space. The inside atmosphere is amazing, the seatings arrangements are very comfortable. Interestingly, they have both service and self-service system. Near to the entrance they have live fast food counter which even offers a very quick food takeaway. However, if you are in a mood for a good North Indian food then you can visit this place and come back feeling good.


Raj Bhog

24, 12th Main Road, 1st Block, Rajajinagar, Bengaluru

Open: 09:00 AM – 11:00 PM



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