Rahul Gandhi Says Shining Torches In The Sky Isn’t Going To Solve The Problem

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Rahul Gandhi, on Saturday, claimed that PM Narendra Modi’s appeal to people to light diyas and shine torches on April 5th is just not enough to solve the current COVID-19 problem.

Mr. Modi’s video-message on Friday

On Friday, April 3rd at 9 am, PM Narendra Modi released a video-message of around eleven minutes. This was his third interaction with the citizens of the country, after previous communications on March 19th and 24th.


In the latest message, Modi stressed on the collective unity amongst the citizens of the country, which was required in a bid to fight the Coronavirus. He directed every citizen of the country to switch off the lights at their homes for 9 minutes at 9 pm on April 5th, and come out to light diyas, candles or torchlights to show the solidarity of the country. 

He said the country’s people needed to experience the “greatness, majesty and divinity” of this shared strength and resolve from time to time. 

Modi Breifing
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Rahul says enough tests aren’t being done in the country

However, Rahul Gandhi had different opinions of PM Modi’s idea.


In a tweet posted today, the Congress Leader said:

India is simply not testing enough to fight the COVID-19 virus. Making people clap & shining torches in the sky isn’t going to solve the problem.” 

Earlier, other Congress leaders such as P Chidambaram and Shashi Tharoor had also voiced similar opinions. Before this too, Rahul Gandhi has been asking the government to focus more on testing.


As on Saturday, COVID-19 cases in India reached closer to the 3000-mark, with 68 deaths already reported.