Rahul Gandhi Officially Resigns As Party President Despite Suicide Drama By Congress Workers

Rahul Gandhi resigned as Congress Party President on May 25 and has shown his willingness to let someone else take over the party’s rein. But the party members are not in the mood to accept the resignation with the Chief Ministers of the states ruled by Congress pressurizing Rahul to reconsider his decision. 

However, Rahul Gandhi seems to have made up his mind despite mass resignations from 200 leaders and workers who decided to step down from their respective positions. The scion of the Gandhi family said that the party should now move on and decide on the new head quickly without delaying the matter further. Rahul added, ‘I’m nowhere in this process. I have already submitted my resignation and I am no longer the party president. CWC should convene a meeting at the earliest and decide.’


Rahul Gandhi Unhappy With Mass Resignations

After losing heavily for the second time in succession in the Lok Sabha assembly elections this year winning only 52 seats, Rahul Gandhi is not in the mood to continue as the president. Moreover, the orchestrated events by the Congress party members like the mass resignations are making him unhappy as these are mostly been organized by workers from Rahul’s office. 

Congress has a long tradition of such high-voltage drama episodes, especially whenever the party is in the crisis. In 2004, a similar type of orchestrated drama occurred outside 10, Janpath just beside the All-India Congress Committee (AICC) headquarters when the then chief of the party, Sonia Gandhi refused to take charge as the Prime Minister of India. Now, the Congress party workers and leaders have managed to inject a bit of drama into the resignation act of Rahul Gandhi.  

Sit-In And Suicide Attempt Rocks AICC Headquarters

Around 200 Congress functionaries gathered at the AICC headquarters, 24, Akbar Road in the morning for an indefinite sit-in with everyone urging Rahul to take back his decision. Although the sit-in was later on called off, there was a  fake suicide attempt which did not work out. But it evoked the memories of 2004 yet again when former MP Ganga Charan Rajput got atop a car outside Janpath and pointed a pistol at himself threatening to shoot if Soniaji did not give in to the demand of becoming PM of India. 


The drama around the decision of Rahul and choosing a new president for the party has been dragging for more than a month now. But it seems it is no more a priority for both Sonia and Rahul as the mother and son would be traveling abroad to visit husband of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra who is undergoing some surgery in a remote location. Priyanka is already with Robert Vadra.