Rahul Gandhi Gets An Unexpected Kiss From A Guy In Wayanad. Netizens Are Going Crazy

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The Wayanad’s new MP Rahul Gandhi has visited his parliamentary consistency in Kerela to monitor the flood relief work in the region. And guess what, the Congress party leader was seen being kissed by a man on his cheeks while he was sitting in his car seat. This video has gain popularity and is been loved by all.

A guy kisses Mr. Gandhi’s cheeks

The former Congress President, Rahul Gandhi visited Wayanad to observe flood relief work in his constituency. Kerela was hit by several landslides during this year’s monsoon and he has been attending Wayanad relief camps to review rehabilitation work in the region.


source: newindiaexpress

A video shared by ANI, in which Congress leader was seen speaking to people in the flood-hit regions of Wayanad. Suddenly, a blue T-shirt guy appeared in front of his car and shooked hand with Mr. Gandhi. Soon the guy hugged his MP and later pushed himself to land a kiss on his cheeks. The guy is then dragged away by a person who is out of the video’s frame.

This is not the first time Congress former president was treated in such away. Previously, during his Lok Sabha campaign in Rahul Gandhi was kissed on the cheeks by a woman in Gujarat which kept him blushing thought the video. A similar incident was noted in West Bengal sweet shop where a man kissed Rahul Gandhi in his cheeks during a political rally.

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