Rahul Gandhi Shares Photo Of Dogs Doing Yoga And Calls It ‘New India’ – Stirs Up Controversy

Congress President has yet again surrounded himself with controversy. Rahul Gandhi Shares Photo of Dogs Doing Yoga and Calls it ‘New India’. His tweet made a cryptic sense to the Indian Army and its elite dog unit on the International Yoga Day. After this people are blaming him saying that he had mocked the Indian army and the Elite dog unit.

Rahul’s controversial Tweet

On 21st June the whole world was celebrating the Yoga Day including the Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself and other familiar faces as well. People from all around the world including celebrities, ministers and army personnel were sharing pictures of the Yoga Day event held at different places. However, one such photo of Indian army dog unit went viral like a forest fire, the image showed how even the elite dogs were performing yoga with the army personnel.


The image was originally posted by Colonel Aman Anand, Principal Spokesperson of the Ministry of Defence. “Army dog unit practicing yoga”, Anand wrote.

It was not long enough that it caught the attention of Mr. Gandhi, he captioned his tweet in a cryptic way, which kept everyone wondering what Gandhi really meant by “New India”.

The original post has over 9,000 likes. Gandhi’s post, which was posted barely 30 minutes ago (at the time of writing) already has over 4,000 likes.

BJP Fires on Congress President

The uncertain tweet of the Congress President gained blazing reactions from the Bharathiya Janatha Party(BJP) ministers. The newly elected MP from Karnataka Tejasvi Surya and BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra and Nalin Kohli hit out at Rahul Gandhi.


Tejasvi Surya wrote, “Ok. He still hasn’t learnt his lessons. In one go, he has insulted our Army, brave Jawans, the incredible dog unit, Yoga tradition & our country,” Surya said in a tweet. “I feel really sad for all the young Congress workers (if there are any left) that they have to deal with this man as their leader.”

Sambit Patra wrote, “New India indeed… but Same/Shame Rahul..disrespects India..India’s tradition..India’s Army..,” Patra said in a tweet.

“Every Dog is not just a PIDI who tweets only for the Gandhi family Scion… These are just not Dogs Sir ..they are those who fight for OUR INDIA ..Salute them!!” Patra also said. Pidi is the name of Rahul Gandhi’s pet dog.


Let us see how people reacted to this incident