Rahul Gandhi Attacks Government On Ladakh Escalation, Says It Was Fast Asleep On The Issue

Continuing his attack on the central government over the Ladakh face-off with the Chinese military where 20 Indian soldiers were killed, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi tweeted that the government was fast asleep over the dispute.

He also said that it was crystal clear that the government had dozed off soon in the dispute. This statement comes in the wake of as Sonia Gandhi, the Congress President, is expected to attend the all-party meeting on the Indo-China dispute. He tweeted,


“It’s now crystal clear that: 1. The Chinese attack in Galwan was pre-planned. 2. The government of India was fast asleep and denied the problem. 3. The price was paid by our martyred jawans.”

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The former Congress President also attached a report where the junior defense minister Shripad Naik said that the attack was pre-planned. In an interview with the news agency ANI, the junior minister had said,

“It is a matter of national security, there will be no compromise. We will not allow others to take our land. I pay tribute to all jawans who lost lives. The nation is proud of them that they made the supreme sacrifice. It won’t go in vain. It was pre-planned by China and Indian forces will give a befitting reply. We were in talks with Chinese officials. Soldiers of both sides have demarche 2.5 kilometers. It is sad that China has attacked our soldiers in our territory and their soldiers have also been killed.”

Rahul Gandhi Fact Checked

On Thursday, Rahul Gandhi had once again attacked the central government and questioned why the armed forced were unarmed. He was quickly fact-checked by the Foreign Minister S Jaishankar who clarified that the forces were armed but as per the rules of engagement would not allow the use of firearms during face-offs. As per reports, Indian soldiers were attacked by Iron rods and clubs which are wrapped in barbed wire with nails. Reportedly, many of them were thrown off a steep ridge.

Jaishankar also told that he had talks with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi and agreed that both sides would not take any action to escalate the situation further.


Source: NDTV