Rahul Dravid Shows His ‘Other Side’ As A Typical Bengalurian And It’s Lit

Rahul Dravid Cred Ad

Over the years, we’ve seen the cricketing great Rahul Dravid as the most patient, calm, and a man with great composure. If cricket is a gentleman’s game, then Rahul Dravid is the Picasso of it. And without a second thought, one of its biggest ambassadors. Despite pressure and sledging, you will never ‘The Wall’ losing its cool. But, wait? Here’s a scene where you will see Rahul Dravid in a never-seen-before Avatar.

In a new advertisement for CRED, you can see Dravid unleashing his anger and, all credits go to Namma Bengaluru traffic. Stuck in a traffic jam, Dravid looks disturbed, annoyed, and irked with people around him and, there you see his never-seen-before Avatar.


In this AD, Dravid represents every irritated Bengalurians stuck in traffic, yelling at people around them. The line ‘Hoddak Bidtini’ in Kannada steals the act followed by a voice-over in the end by Bengaluru traffic police. To top it all, Dravid’s smile when he manages to break the mirror of a car is priceless.

Soon after the Advertisement made its rounds online, it has grabbed the attention of Indian Captain Virat Kohli, infamously known for his angry moments on the field. Like most of the other fans, the Ad has surprised Virat Kohli and, it looks like he has truly enjoyed it.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best ads we’ve seen in recent times. When it plays on TV or Youtube, we’re sure you won’t skip the ad. For now, stream it on Youtube. Enjoy the anger and cute annoyance of Rahul Dravid and eventually fall in love with the line ‘Hoddak Bidtini’.