“Ragas don’t even match”- Varaha Roopam Singer Slams Thaikkudam Bridge’s Claim

Commenting on the ongoing plagiarism controversy started by popular music band Thaikkudam Bridge against the makers of the Kannada film Kantara, Varaha Roopam singer Sai Vignesh said that the band should have resolved the issue with the makers of the song instead of taking it to court.

Varaha Roopam Singer reacts

Playback singer Sai Vignesh is presently enjoying the success of his latest song ‘Varaha Roopam’ from the Kannada film Kantara which went viral within days after the release of the film. The divine song plays in correspondence to Bhoota kola sequences towards the climax of the film, which has made an everlasting impression among viewers.


“Ajaneesh (the music composer), had told me that the song would be playing during a Bhoota kola performance and that it has to sound divine, but I did not know that it would be playing at such an important point in the film,” Sai Vignesh reveals to The News Minute.

The final track was recorded 20 days before the release of the film. “But it was only on the day of the release (September 30) that I came to know they are going ahead with my recording. So, the response has been phenomenal and overwhelming,” says the singer.

Sai Vignesh, who is a Carnatic singer by profession, also observes that he is delighted with the response he received for the song, for it has boosted interest in modern Carnatic music.


“There is an image that only fast-paced songs would go viral on social media. Though ‘Varaha Roopam’ is used in a spiritual context in the film, it has also been featured in different kinds of reels on Instagram. I am happy that we’ve even received responses from people in Israel, Japan, and Korea who mentioned that they are interested in knowing more about Carnatic music,” the 25-year-old singer states.

While Kantara saw a massive box office success, the track ‘Varaha Roopam’ has surrounded itself with controversy after many listeners alleged it was plagiarised from the track ‘Navarasam’, which was set to tune by popular Kerala-based band Thaikkudam Bridge.

About the controversy

Speaking about the controversy, the singer says, “I cannot speak on behalf of the music composer or the film’s team. I had not listened to ‘Navarasam’ before we recorded the track. In my opinion, the moods of both tracks are different. ‘Navarasam’ depicts nine bhavas (emotions), whereas ‘Varaha Roopam’ concentrates on the Bhoota Kola culture and is more about divinity. ‘Varaha Roopam’ is not based on the same set of Ragas as Navarasam, ” says Sai Vignesh.


Sai Vignesh says ‘Varaha Roopam’ is largely based on the ragas Thodi, Mukhari, and Kanakaangi. “In Carnatic compositions, a singer traditionally sings at least two to four lines in the same raga before they move to the next one, but here, almost every line is sung in a different raga. Ajaneesh and I jammed and tried out different combinations before zeroing in on the final version,” says Sai Vignesh.