Quarantine Time: 10 Good-Old Kannada Serials Which Need To Be Re-Telecasted

Apart from stopping almost every other industry or business out there, the COVID-19 pandemic has had its effect on the entertainment industry too. While the shoot of movies is completely suspended, the everyday TV Serials are also halted due to the restrictions.

At this time, most TV Channels are relying on old shows to bring the TRP back on track. While DD Hindi has already started re-telecasting Ramayana, the Kannada TV channels can also think about the same. In this article, we talk about such entertaining Kannada shows, which deserve a re-watch on TV.


Note: Malgudi Days is excluded from the list, as it is already available on Amazon Prime.

Danda Pindagalu

The title song of this show is still a hit among many. A Udaya TV serial, Danda Pindagalu showcased the travails of middle-class unemployed men. Comedy is the genre, although there is plenty else that you can also expect from this program.


Another classing by Phani Ramachandra, Vatara is the story of a few families living in a small building kind of an establishment. The program had Golden Star Ganesh in an important role.


Guddada Bhootha

While Zee Kannada has already re-telecasted this show in 2014, no one would complain if it does again. Directed by Girish Karnad and starring Prakash Raj in an important role, this serial is all you need for the everyday thrill in your mundane life at the moment.

old kannada tv serials
Directed by Girish Karnad

Crazy Colonel

An absolute laughter-riot starring Ramesh Bhatt, why don’t people do something like this now? While comedy drew the audience, Crazy Colonel impressed the viewers with the exquisite characters who more often than not, are relatable in our every day lives.

old kannada tv serials
Ramesh Bhatt starred in this serial


With powerhouse talents such as TN Seetharam, P Sheshadri, Dattanna, Avinash, and Malavika in the forefront, this television show will still attract the audience for its path-breaking content and drama.


T N Seetharam serials
Directed by TN Seetharam


Filled with TN Seetharam elements, Manavanthara revolved around a middle-class story with an interesting dose of politics and crime.

T N Seetharam serials
TN Seetharam was at it, again

Paapa Pandu

Re-Telecast? Done. Sequel? Done. Yet, telecast Paapa Pandu again, and couch-space in front of TV sets are likely to be filled.

best kannada serials
A roller-coster ride for the comedy fanatics

Silli Lalli

This show is probably the most memorable show for the kids of ’90s. At 8 pm every day, for many, dinner time used to coincide with this show. Neat entertainment at its best, each character in the series evoked laughter in their own ways.


old kannada tv serials
Nostalgia for the ’90’s born

Moodala Mane

Directed by Vaishali Kasaravalli, this show portrayed the life of Madhwa Brahmins in North Karnataka. With plenty of drama and relatable elements, this show is a favorite of many across the state.

old kannada tv serials
This show is the perfect 1pm drama to engage with

Paduvaralli Paddegalu

Many still remember this masterpiece. For others, this was the end of the golden era of Kannada television. With Master Anand at the helm, punch-dialogues and cracking comedy dominated this serial.

old kannada tv serials
Entertainment was umpteen in this sho