Quarantine Rules Explained: Inter-district, Inter-state and International Travel to Karnataka

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Courtesy: Deccan Herald

Several passengers who arrived in Bengaluru from Delhi in the special Rajadhani express were taken aback when they were told to undergo 14 days of institutional quarantine. Some of them claimed that they were not informed in advance while some others protested against it. As a result 19 of them were sent back to Delhi.

A series of rules, regulations, and advisories for the interstate travel was released by the Health and Family Welfare services department. Over the weeks, the rules have undergone some changes which have caused confusion and panic among people who are planning to return to their home states.

If you are traveling to Karnataka, here are the rules and processes you need to know.

Inter-district Travel in Karnataka

If your travel is between the districts, the first step is to register yourself in the Karnataka Seva Sindhu website or call the helpline number – 08022636800. A travel pass will be generated through which you can travel through the districts. Generally, it is issued for one-time travelers who are stranded in other districts.

Everyone arriving in the state or Bengaluru city will be screened at the bus depot. Along with the screening, you will be required to fill a self-declaration form about your medical and travel history. The patients are divided into two categories – symptomatic and asymptomatic. Symptomatic people will be rushed to the designated hospital centers for testing while asymptomatic people will be required to undergo 14 days of Home Quarantine.

But on Thursday, the government clarified that asymptomatic inter-district travelers need not undergo any kind of quarantine.

Bengaluru travelers
Courtesy: Deccan Herald

Inter-state Travel to Karnataka

As per the latest Standard Operating Procedures, only those people can apply through the Seva Sindhu portal who are:

  • Returning to state due to a death in the family
  • Facing medical emergency or terminal illness
  • Pregnant women/elderly
  • Migrant workers and daily wage laborers who have been laid off
  • Students whose college and hostels are closed
  • Stranded tourists and pilgrims
  • International travelers who have arrived in other airports outside Karnataka

According to the press note of May 16, all inter-state travelers, symptomatic and asymptomatic, will have to mandatorily undergo institutional quarantine for 14 days. From the 10th day, they will be tested and if they are tested negative on the 14th day, they will be allowed to go home. However, there is an exemption for pregnant women and the elderly and children under 10 who will be tested within two days of arrival.

If they turn out to be negative, they will have to be in-home quarantine for the remainder of the 14-day quarantine and report to the facility on the 14th day for another test. If they are positive, they will be sent to designated hospitals. The exemption applies to both interstate and international travel.

International Travelers to Karnataka

While there is no mention of the need to register in the Seva Sindu portal for International travel, there is a dedicated section on the platform.

Like domestic travelers, they will be tested at the airports and will have to fill the self-declaration form. The screening process for them includes thermal scanning, pulse oximeter reading, and stamping.

Symptomatic ones will be sent to dedicated centers for testing and if found positive, they will be shifted to designated hospitals. If negative, they will be under 14 days of institutional quarantine. Institutional quarantine includes free quarantine at schools/colleges and community halls or paid quarantine at hotels. On the 14th day, if the tests turn negative, they will be allowed to go home.


Source: Citizen Matters