Putin Playing With His Watch During Meeting With PM Modi Is Getting Viral On Social Media

source: mensxp

It was not long ago when Prime Minister Narendra had met United States President Donald Trump in the G7 summit hosted by France. The historic meet between the two powerful leaders witnessed a successful interaction between the two nations. However, the bilateral meet witnessed a chucklesome event between the both where Modi slapped Trump’s hand jokingly, while Trump maintained a smile on his face, but the sound of the slap was reason enough to believe that it had hurt Trump. After almost a couple of weeks, social media has now discovered a similar incident as Modi met Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Modi and Putin

After a week the Prime Mister is in his visit to Russia and his interaction with Vladimir Putin has been seen as a historic event for both the nations. In the meeting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi thanked Putin for the decision to award him Russia’s highest civil award. Modi also called Russia as a ‘trustworthy’ partner who stood by the country in all good and bad times.


source: mensxp

During the meet, both spent a wonderful time with each other onboard a ship before they visited the Zvezda shipbuilding complex. There was a video surfacing on social media where Modi and Putin can be seen sitting together in a boat and having a chit chat. Though it is unclear about what they were speaking, a comical incident caught attention to the social media users which are worth laughter.

Why Putin bothered his watch?

In a certain moment, there was an awkward incident between them both as they were just sitting and smiling at each other without uttering a single word. Relatively, Putin takes off his watch and keeps it on the table and try capering over it. However, the social media was very keen to know why Putin took off his watch for an instance and bothered around it? Well, this incident ringed a bell for some, people started speculating to what happened to Trump in the G7 summit meeting with Modi. There was total confusion among the people about this clueless act. This is where netizens struck and jokes and memes were spread seemingly.

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