What are the benefits of considering the PMP (Project  Management  Professionals) certification?

PMP (Project Management Professionals) is a certified course taken by individuals with great intelligence, brilliance and exceptional skills. PMP (Project Management Professionals) is an internationally recognized professional designation, which is certified by the Professional Management Institute (PMI). PMP is a gold standard of project management certification. It is recognized and demanded worldwide by the organizations. PMP showcases your ability to perform in the role of a project manager, leading and directing the projects and teams.

Not every individual is capable to do PMP. As of March 2018, there are 833,025 active PMP certified individuals and 286 chartered chapters across 210 countries and territories worldwide. It is so because the eligibility criteria for PMP (Project Management Professionals) is a cumbersome affair. The criteria for the pursuance of PMP (Project Management Professionals) demands a four-year degree (bachelor’s or the global equivalent) and at least three years of project management experience. Of those three years of project management experience, 4,500 hours should have been spent leading and directing projects. 35 hours of project management education are also required.


The difficult part of qualifying requirements for the PMP is project management experience. If one has a bachelor’s degree, s/he must have at least three years of project experience. If you have a secondary degree, you must have at least five years of project experience to sit for the PMP certification exam.

The fees of the exam is 555 USD for the people who are not the member of the Project Management Institute (PMI), and for the members, it is 405 USD.

The aspirants of the Project Management Professionals Certification go through an exam and get awarded with the most prestigious certification in the project management. Preparation for the examination is a great virtue whereby skills and expertise may be polished.


PMP (Project Management Professionals) Certification in Bangalore India is a distinctive management achievement to advance careers in project management, which gives certified individuals unique opportunities to avail furthermore skills and expertise. PMP Certification in Bangalore India offers 35 contact hours, 6 full-length mock exams consisting of 1200 multiple choice questions practice. The training in Bangalore India offers two different flexible delivery modes, which are a) classrooms and b) e-learning or virtual.

There are myriads of benefits for the consideration of PMP (Project Management Professionals) Certification Training in Bangalore India. They are defined below:

High-Value Market, Increased Credibility and High Salary


PMP (Project Management Professionals) Certification serves as an unmatched achievement which not only results in the high-value market and increased credibility of the PMP certified individuals but also the higher salary.

PMP gets PMP (Project Management Professionals) Certification holders more recognition and promotion:

PMP is a professional designation, recognized internationally by the entire global business community. Its holders are more likely to get recognized than those who do not possess the PMP. The more recognition holders of PMP get, the more they are likely to get a raise and promotion.


PMP may land you in your dream job.

Sitting for the PMP exam brings many benefits. This certification attracts the big firms, get you identified among thousands and lands you in your dream job of a project manager in which you can lead project and teams.

Increase in Job Opportunities

PMP credentials holders, due to the unprejudiced importance of PMP in the global business community, are likely to get more job opportunities and get better offers. The increase in job opportunities becomes a featured part of the careers of the project managers who have passed the PMP exams.


Growth in Career of the Project Managers

The unique characteristics of the project management professional certification help the careers of the project managers to a great extent. As it helps them have a high-value market, increase credibility, high salary and more job opportunities, the project managers experience great growth in their careers. They become an asset to their management.

Enhancement of the Exceptional Skills of Project Managers

Those sitting for the examination of the PMP may enhance their skills through the preparation of the examination. However, it doesn’t end there. The skills continue to get polished every day when newer experiences and events are witnessed by PMP certified individuals on a daily basis. It does build the knowledge of fundamental project management tools & techniques and methodologies.

PMP Credentials Holders are awarded The Most Challenging Projects 


The PMP certification earns a professional a demanding and significant role in the organization since the certification proves an individual’s determination and dedication to project management. The prestigious certification talks about the highest levels of knowledge and experience of PMP professionals in handling challenging projects.

Project Management Professionals Certification Draws Attention of All Recruiters

PMP Certification is applicable to most industries. PMP Professionals are an ideal choice for recruiters in professional fields, including IT, telecom, business processing, commerce, finance, research, and more.

PMP Certification is a Splendid Investment for the Future

PMP Certification is not only an unmatched achievement, that provides high market value, higher pay, higher credibility, more job opportunities, growth in career but it also is a great investment for the future. You do not only sit on a job, but you also go through a process and acquire different positions. PMP Professional’s future looks very bright.

The PMP Professionals are Safe Even During an Economic Crisis

Economic Crisis means companies downsize, cutting the jobs of many skilled and expert people. However, a good percentage of executive believe that having a PMP certification makes you immune to such layoffs. Your position in the organization remains fixed. Your job cannot be cut.

PMP Certification is your ticket to get globally acknowledged.

Anybody who wants to work anywhere in the world, PMP Certification is his or her ticket to the global acknowledgement of his or her outstanding knowledge of the project management. The PMP certification gets you globally acknowledged of your expertise, skills and knowledge of leading a project and team.

PMP Certification Gives You a Good Reputation

PMP Certification gives you a uniquely good reputation in your personal and professional group of friends. In your family, you may stand out too. In your professional life, as the PMP exam shows an unprejudiced endorsement of your knowledge and experience, your peers seem impressed of you. This creates a good vibe in your personal and professional life. This brings a good reputation to you.

PMP Professionals Perform Better Than Others

PMP Professionals perform much better than others in the project management and get most rewarded by their organization in many ways. Better performance adds to the PMP holder’s great growth in their career. They satisfy their own desire to perform well as well as of their organization.

Conclusion: In a nutshell, it can be said that the Project Management Professionals Certification is a great investment for the future and present of the aspirants of the examination. They will reap benefits not only presently, but also in the future. This examination polishes the skills of the project managers and gets them recognized globally. PMP examination becomes a dearest option for the growth of careers of the aspirants.