The Unexpected Power of Print Marketing in the Digital Era

It is easy to underestimate the impact of print marketing in a society dominated by screens, but with an estimated 120% return of investment, flyers and direct mail marketing are far from losing their influence. Consumers report that print marketing is more engaging and reassuring than other forms of advertisement, and they are more likely to base their purchase decisions on paper ads. The power of social media and other digital channels for building up sales is undeniable, but combining these with a solid print marketing campaign will certainly deliver the best results for your company.

What to consider when mailing print material for marketing

In order to get your print material to your potential customers, you will more than likely send it by mail. You can hire a dealer to drop pamphlets on people’s doorsteps, but unless your business is extremely localized, you will not benefit at all from the short range. Instead, sending out the material – leaflets, coupons, newsletters, and whatnot – by mail will increase your scope and your chances to see better returns. Unlike digital content, print material has a physical package – in this case, the envelope – which is the first element of your message.


In order to get the potential customer to open it and see the content, the envelope has to be interesting and inviting. Work on the design, keep it simple and eye-catching and include a suggestive phrase or short message that tempts your potential customer into opening it. Keep in mind that larger campaigns will require hundreds of envelopes set and sent, which is very time and energy consuming, so you will want to optimize the process. Any trick that you could use that doesn’t lower the value of your material will help you a great deal. OnlineStamp shows you how to print stamps online and save valuable time; you can get custom stamp orders and deliver your letters directly through a mailbox.

Interesting facts about print marketing you probably didn’t know

The current statistics on print marketing can be surprising, to say the least. For example, about 44% of people will visit a seller’s website after receiving direct mail marketing. An even bigger 48% will keep the material around for future reference, so you can expect a second wave of deferred orders. Also, you might think that print marketing is better for the oldest generations because the young ones prefer digital content they can see on their phones; however, it’s actually the other way around. An average of 67% of people will base their purchase decisions on print marketing, but if we consider only the youngest ones, the number skyrockets to a staggering 92%.

Include print material as a core element of your marketing strategy

Print marketing offers the best returns of investments and has proven to be highly engaging with your target audience. You should include it in your advertising approach if you haven’t done it already. With the right solutions to save time and optimize the process, you will increase your sales and gain more traction, whatever your business is.