Premiere Show Reviews Suggest ‘777 Charlie’ Will Be A Blockbuster After KGF Chapter 2

‘777 Charlie’ is receiving positive buzz before its release. The film is getting favorable responses from premiere shows held across the country in various cities.

Another Pan-India movie from Sandalwood

‘777 Charlie’, which has generated a lot of curiosity all over the country, is all set to release on June 10 in Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam. Rakshith Shetty, who is playing the lead role in the movie, while speaking to the media said that the audience will have a great experience in the movie.


“This is a different genre than ‘Bahubali’ and ‘KGF’ series movies. They were larger-than-life movies. Even ‘Pushpa’ is a commercial movie. ‘777 Charlie’ is closer to life. This is a movie which one can relate to in real life,” Rakshith says.

“I had doubts on how it is going to work out at the national level. However, I know there are dog lovers throughout the country. We shot for 167 days and spent 3 years on the film. It is a very difficult job to do a dog movie. Even our same team cannot do it again.”

‘777 Charlie’ is the next pan-India from the Kannada industry after ‘KGF Chapter2’ and there are huge expectations as the film deals with the relationship between a man and his dog named Charlie. The film is directed by K Kiranraj and features Rakshit Shetty in the lead role.


‘777 Charlie’ is receiving positive buzz due to the favorable responses coming from premiere shows held across the country in various cities and the team is happily sharing it on their social media platforms.

‘777 Charlie’ Review