Meet Odisha’s Narendra Modi Who With His Simplicity Is Winning Hearts Of Netizens On Social Media

Pratap Chandra Sarangi

Balasore’s Pratap Chandra Sarangi is a recently elected BJP MP from Odisha. But already he is making a great name for himself through his simplicity. He has been engaged in multiple social initiatives and is popularly known around in the region as Odisha’s Narendra Modi.

A Man With No Property Defeated Billionaire In Elections

Sarangi has no property or bungalow to his name neither does he have a posh vehicle. He rides a regular bicycle to reach his destination. In the recently held LS Elections, this man with no asset to his name defeated a billionaire BJD candidate, Rabindra Kumar Jena by 12956 votes. Sarangi is a bachelor and stayed with his mother until she died last year.


The ardent social worker is a grassroots level BJP and RSS supporter and has opened Samrkara Kendra schools under the Gana Shiksha Mandir Yojna in hundreds of tribal villages in Mayurbhanj and Balasore district. Through his social awareness program, Sarangi also launched several agitation programs against social injustice, alcohol, police atrocity, and corruption.

Novelty Of Sarangi’s Campaigning

While most of the candidates campaigned and participated in rallies along with their big convoys and a fleet of comfortable SUVs, helicopters and even planes, Sarangi used a simple auto for campaigning. When one social media user shared his photograph people started following him. Many who knew him shared several anecdotes about Sarangi.

One of the pictures shared on social media showed the new MP packing his bags and leaving for New Delhi. Another user wrote, “He is Mr. Pratap Sarangi, the newly elected as MP Odisha, BJP. He is packing his bag to go to Delhi. He is Odisha’s Modi. He has a small kutcha house and a bicycle and nothing else. Salute to the indomitable spirit of this RSS man who defeated a billionaire like Rabindra Jena.”


Another user says, “The Modi of Odisha has no house, no family dedicated his whole life towards the nation. The first time MP Pratap Sarangi.”

One user even shared a picture of the house of 64-year-old Sarangi which is a small hut. According to reports, Sarangi is close to the PM Narendra Modi and meets him whenever PM comes to Odisha.