A 29-Year-Old Techie Prashanth Acharya Succeded As The Pontiff Of Puttige Mutt At Udupi On Monday

puttige mutt

Puttige Mutt is one of the Ashta Mathas of Udupi founded by the Dvaita philosopher Sri Madhvacharya of Udupi. It is located in the Puthige Taluk of Dakshina Kannada district. The first pontiff of Puttige matha was Sri Upendra Tirtha, who was a direct disciple of Sri Madhvacharya. Till date, there have been 29 pontiffs who have headed the Mutt. 

Richess to Renouncement!

A 29-year-old software engineer working with a Swedish telecom major succeeded Sugunendra Teertha Swami as the pontiff of Puttige Mutt at Udupi on Monday. He will now be heading the Puthige Mutt by taking up Diksha or the ‘Sanyasa Ashrama’ under the guidance of the 31st pontiff Sri Sugunendra Teertha Swamiji.

puttige mutt

‘Sri Sushreendra Teertha Swamiji’

Prashant Acharya took over the Puttige reins at a simple function held at Puthige Moola Mutt in Hiriyadka, near Udupi around 11.45am. Sugunendra was the 30th pontiff of Puthige Mutt in the most sacred Madhwa lineage. The new pontiff has been titled ‘Sushreenda Teertha’.

puttige mutt

In the hands of such a sacred Guru!

Sugunendra Swamiji took Sanyasa and ascended the Peetha at the age of 12. After leading the mutt for 45 years, he made way for Prashanth Acharya, the eldest son of Gururaj Acharya and Vinutha Acharya. The Acharyas run a hotel in Udupi. Their younger son, Pradyumna is also a software professional.

puttige mutt

Vedanta at Puttige Vidyapeeth

Sugunendra Swamiji said they made “satisfactory inquiries”  and spoke to the boy’s family for nearly eight months before picking him up as the successor. Sugunendra Swamiji stated that the boys love for Lord Krishna is special. And that his knowledge of Sanskrit is very basic though. He would be learning the language and Vedanta at Puttige Vidyapeeth for the next 12 years.

puttige mutt

Madhwa Sainthood is not easy!

Hats off to the software engineer turned Sanyasi. And a big salute to the boys family who has taken supported and encouraged him for such an extremely noble cause. Among the various Brahmin sects of Hinduism, The ‘Madhwa Sanyasa Diksha’ is said to be an extremely hard life with rigorous Veda Adhyayanas(studies) and a highly restricted food and lifestyle patterns as described in the Vedas.

puttige mutt

Especially in today’s world ‘Kaliyug’, it’s very hard to find the youth of this generation being inclined towards spirituality. This being today’s situation, we offer our Pranams to the holy ‘Sri Sushreenda Teertha Swamiji’.



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