Prakash Raj To Feature In KGF Chapter 2: Breakdown Of The Stills And Analyzing The Role He Could Be Enacting In The Movie

Earlier today, the creators of KGF Chapter 2 dropped the news that multilingual actor Prakash Raj would be essaying a key role in the movie. Ever since, there have been recurring conversations as to what role the multifaceted actor will be playing.

Prakash Raj will not be replacing Anant Nag

A few months ago, there were rumors that Anant Nag will not feature in KGF Chapter 2. The rumor took a strong boost with the makers signing Prakash Raj for a pivotal role. Also, the stills of Prakash Raj hinted that he is all set to replace Anant Nag.


However, this is not the case to be. KGF Chapter 2’s DOP Bhuvan Gowda has himself confirmed that Prakash Raj will not be a ‘replacement’. However, the talented cinematographer later deleted his ‘confirmation’ on Instagram. Even the director Prashant Neel has confirmed that Prakash Raj will not replace Anant Nag.

So, what are the other possibilities?

The makers have given very few clues in the released stills. While the props in the scene point to a retro time-period, in one of the pictures, Malavika can be seen from the back. Although it is possible that the stills might not be directly from the movie footage, Malavika’s presence on the set suggests that Prakash Raj may be playing a character in the current timeline. This theory rests on the assumption it is indeed Malavika who is on the sets.

Another aspect is Prakash Raj’s age. The make-up infers that the character played by the actor could be aged around 50-60. In this case, he is much younger than Anant Nag’s role which looks to be 70+. Since Anant Nag’s character is a contemporary of the ‘Rocky’ era, we can conclude that the age of Prakash Raj’s character is lesser than that of Rocky Bhai.


So, who was younger than Rocky in Chapter 1? None of them were established in Mumbai and Bangalore, but in KGF, we see a couple of kids around Rocky. There is a slight chance that one of these kids could have grown up to narrate the story of Yash’s role.

Next up, Prakash Raj’s character could get a direct introduction in Chapter 2. From the stills released, we can see an old camera, binoculars, a typewriter, and some bundled newspapers. Hence, he might be someone essaying the role of a firebrand journalist taking on Rocky or even a member in Ramika Sen’s office.

Well, all of these are wild guesses and it will take a couple of months before more data gets unraveled.